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Recent publications


  • Universities, Innovation and the Economy Routledge (June 2006)
  • Bagchi-Sen, S and Lawton Smith H (eds) Economic Geography: then, now and the future (October 2006) Routledge

Edited Books

  • Farinha, L Ferreira, J, Lawton Smith, H and Bagchi-Sen, S Handbook of Research on Global Competitive Advantage through Innovation and Entrepreneurship. IGI Global (forthcoming)
  • Hilpert, U and Lawton Smith, H (eds) Networking Regionalised Innovative Labour Markets Routledge (October 2012)

Journal articles

  • Lawton Smith, H and Waters, R (2015) Regional synergies in triple helix regions: the case of local economic development policies Oxfordshire’ Industry and Higher Education 29, 1
  • Lawton Smith, H and Leydesdorff, L (forthcoming) ‘The Triple Helix in the context of global change: dynamics and challenges’ Prometheus on-line November 2014
  • Bagchi-Sen, S and Lawton Smith, H (2014) ‘Firm heterogeneity in biotech: absorptive capacity, strategies, and local-regional connections’ European Planning Studies 22: 1783 - 1801
  • Lawton Smith, H, Chapman, D, Wood, P, Barnes, T and Romeo, S (2014) ‘Entrepreneurial academics and regional innovation systems: the case of spin-offs from London’s universities’ Environment and Planning C 32, 341-359
  • Sompong, K Igel, B and Lawton Smith, H (2014) ‘Strategic Alliance Motivation or Technology Commercialization and Product Development’ Management Research Review 37,6 518-53
  • Lawton Smith, H, Glasson, J, Romeo, S, Waters, R and Chadwick, A (2013) ‘Entrepreneurial regions: evidence from Oxfordshire and Cambridgeshire’ Social Science Information 52, 4, 653-673
  • Lawton Smith, H, Chapman, D, Wood, P, Barnes, T and Romeo, S ‘Entrepreneurial academics and regional innovation systems: the case of spin-offs from London’s universities’ Environment and Planning C (forthcoming)
  • Danish, A and Lawton Smith, H  (2012) ‘Female Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia’ International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship 4, 3 216 - 23
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  • Imprese ad alta tecnologia, università e sviluppo nella regione di Oxford (High technology entrepreneurship, universities and the development of the Oxford city-region) Stato e Mercato 3 451-478, December 2011
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Helen Lawton Smith