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Research Interests

Wendy’s research interests, broadly speaking, focus on marketing and consumer research, and more specifically, on gender, feminism and gender equality as part of this. She has conducted ethnographic work on young men’s consumption practices in Scotland, where she focused on men, masculinities and gender relations connected to consumption, and is currently involved in several projects that relate to gender equality in marketing.

She co-ordinates the marketing subject discipline for the UN PRME gender equality working group, where she works on an ongoing repository of teaching material. Together with Elisabeth Hirschman, she co-chairs the gender/equality track at the 2015 Transformative Consumer Research conference, and is involved in the FP7 Transforming Institutions by Gendering contents and Gaining Equality in Research (TRIGGER) research at Birkbeck. She has published findings and methodological implications from her work, including the role of emergent technologies in ethnographies, and has presented at international conferences such as Gender, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Culture Theory, Macromarketing and Association for Consumer Research (ACR) conferences.

Student research projects

Wendy is particularly interested in supervising projects that focus on the following broad topics:

  • Gender, relations, feminism, politics and theory in marketing and consumer research: this may relate to gender issues, such as gender equality, discrimination in both micro and macro settings; power with and through marketing and consumption; the gendered body in marketing and consumption; the construction of gender relations and practices through consumption, and; theorisations and critique of gender (equality) in marketing and consumer research.
  • Consumer Culture Theory(CCT): this may include topics broadly relating to contextual, symbolic and experiential aspects along the consumption cycle; such as consumer and marketplace cultures; consumer identity projects; sociohistoric pattern of consumption, and; mass-mediated marketplace ideologies and consumer interpretation.
  • Critical, historical and macro-marketing: including socio-cultural histories of marketing and consumption and their relation to current understandings of markets and marketing; and consumer/marketing roles in system production and re-negotiation (including issues of consumer/marketing ethics, social responsibility, sustainability or recycling).
  • Transformative marketing and consumer research: (how) do marketers/consumers affect lives, environments and broader structures?
  • Ethnography, qualitative methodologies and alternative representation: includes considerations of the role of emergent technologies, relating to digital, mobile and visual in marketing and consumer research; critical engagement with interpretive and transdisciplinary methodologies (including gender and feminist implications in research); alternative representation and non-representation of consumer and marketing research, such as through film and multimedia.

Dr Wendy Hein