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Professional journal publications

  • Carr, P., J. Findlay, J., S. Hamil, S. Morrow and J. Hill, J. (2001) `The Celtic Trust: Supporters Unite', Soccer Analyst 2(9): 8-14.
  • Hamil, S. (2000) 'Does Football Need a Regulator?’ Singer and Friedlander's Review 1999-2000 Season. Leicester: University of Leicester.
  • Hamil, S., J. Michie and C. Oughton (17 June 1999) 'Fans Give PLCs the Red Card', Legal Week.
  • Hamil, S. (1999) 'Corporate Community Involvement: A Case for Regulatory Reform', Corporate Citizen 26 (Spring).
  • Adams, R. and S. Hamil (July 1991) `The Powers That Buy', Marxism Today.

References in parliamentary debate

  • Hansard, House of Lords (3 July 2002) `Football Clubs' Debate. Column 331. The Stationery Office.
  • Submission to the review process for the `Modernising Company Law' White Paper – 27 November 2002.
  • Hamil, S., M. Holt, J. Michie, C. Oughton, L. Shailer and K. Wright (2002) Modernising Company Law White Paper (Cm 5553-I: Response by the Football Governance Research Centre (FGRC), Department of Management, Birkbeck).

Sean Hamil