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Recent publications


  • Trade Unions in Western Europe: Hard Times; Hard Choices (with Richard Hyman), under contract for delivery to Oxford University Press, December 2012, scheduled for publication end 2013.

Chapters in books

  • .Collective representation at work: Institutions and dynamics., in John Kelly and Carola Frege (eds.) Comparative Employment Relations, London: Routledge, forthcoming 2013
  • .The International Labour Movement: Structures and Dynamics., in Peter Fairbrother, Marc-Antonin Hennebert and Christian Lévesque, eds, Transnational Trade Unionism: Building Union Power, London: Routledge, forthcoming February 2013
  • .The International Labour Movement: What Next after Unity?. in ACV/CSC (ed.), Working on a Dream, Brussels: ACV-CSC, 2012, 131-3
  • 'European Trade Unions and "Atypical" Workers' (with Mihai Varga and Richard Hyman), in Susan J. Schurman and Adrienne E. Eaton (eds), Trade Union Organizing in the Informal Economy: A Review of the Literature on Organizing in Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America and Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Newark: Rutgers University, 2012, 59-70
  • .Works Councils: The European Model of Industrial Democracy?. (with Richard Hyman), in Adrian Wilkinson, Paul Gollan, Mick Marchington and David Lewin (eds), Oxford Handbook of Employee Participation, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010, 286-314
  • .International Actors and International Regulation,. in Paul Blyton, Nick Bacon, Jack Fiorito and Ed Heery (eds) Handbook of Industrial Relations, London: Sage, 2008, 325-45

Articles in refereed journals

  • .The International Trade Union Confederation: From Two (or More?) Identities to One., British Journal of Industrial Relations. Published online May 2012 [doi: 10.1111/j.1467-8543.2012.00897.x], scheduled for print publication 2013
  • .Global Unions as Imperfect Multilateral Organisations: An International Relations Perspective. (with Elizabeth Cotton), Economic and Industrial Democracy 33(4), November 2012, 707-28
  • .European Trade Unions and Atypical Workers., Industrial Relations Journal 42(3), May 2011, 293-310
  • .D.un congrès à un autre: La CSI quatre uns après., Chroniques Internationales de l.IRES 129, mars 2011, 35-46.
  • .Trade Unions, Politics and Parties: Is a New Configuration Possible?. (with Richard Hyman), Transfer 16(3), August 2010, 315-31
  • .Trade Unions and the Crisis: A Lost Opportunity?. (with Richard Hyman), contribution to symposium, Socio-Economic Review 8(2), April 2010, 364-72
  • .Embedded Collectivism? Workplace representation in France and Germany. (with Richard Hyman), Industrial Relations Journal 37(5), September 2006, 473-91

Other articles

Conference papers and invited lectures

  • .La fondation de la CSI: Le bilan six ans après., conference Le Syndicalisme dans sa Dimension Internationale., ULB, Brussels, November 2012
  • .European Trade Unions and Young Workers., international conference on International Conference on Productivity, Investment on Human Capital and the Challenge of Youth Employment, Bergamo, October 2012.
  • .(How) Can Trade Unions be both Democratic and Strategic?., IREC conference, Lisbon, September 2012.
  • .Trade Unions and Atypical Workers., Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, June 2012.
  • .Trade Unions and Atypical Workers., University of Leicester, Centre for Labour Market Studies, December 2011.
  • 'Trade Union Education and Training in Europe', conference .The Work of the Future: Learning at the Workplace., Bergamo, October 2011.
  • .Syndicats, Organisations Militantes et Rapport au Politique., colloque scientifique .L.Engagement Militant., Université Catholique de Louvain la Neuve, Belgium, September 2011.
  • .European Trade Unions and Atypical Workers., IREC conference, Barcelona, September 2011.
  • .The International Labour Movement: A New Relationship?, SASE conference, Madrid, June 2011.
  • .La formation syndicale (ouest-) européenne : Enjeux et stratégies., Conference .Syndicalisation et formation : Renouvellement des perspectives et approches comparées sur le syndicalisme., Université Lille 2, December 2010
  • .Le mouvement syndical international: Qu.est ce que c.est?., Conference .L'action syndicale sans frontières., Université de Montréal, September 2010
  • .The International Trade Union Confederation: From Two Identities to One?., Conference on .Ideas at Work., Employment Research Unit, Cardiff, September 2010
  • .European Trade Unions and .Atypical. Workers., IREC conference, Oslo, September 2010
  • .Trade Unions, Politics and Parties., International Sociological Association World Congress, Gothenburg, July 2010 (and joint session organiser)
  • .Responding to the Changing Nature of Work: European Trade Unions and .Precarious. Workers., CRIMT/Canadian Industrial Relations Association conference, Université Laval, Québec, June 2010
  • .Unions, Politics and Parties., University of Surrey, March 2010

Newspaper articles/minor publications

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