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Research interests

Marion's research interests include the measurement and the determinants of firms' innovation performance. Together with Prof Archibugi and Dr Filippetti she studies the effects of the recent financial crisis on innovation related investment, and together with Prof Ietto-Gillies the effects of cross-border knowledge flows on innovation. She recently contributed to a major international micro-data project launched in 2006 under the auspices of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. As part of this project, and together with Dr Lambert, she developed typologies of innovation modes or routines, including non-technological modes, and studied the effects on performance and growth.


Project supervision interests

Marion is interested in supervising students’ projects in the areas of her research, in particular linked to her work with Daniele Archibugi identifying what innovations and sectors will lead on the path to economic recover. Topics may include:

  • Changing patterns in leading innovation sectors across Europe. Exploring the European Community Innovation Survey.
  • Growth rates across industry sectors from 2008 onwards in selected regions or countries within the EU. Exploring Eurostats Structural Business Statistics.


Funded research projects and awards

  • 2014: BEI School Research Grant: Which innovations will lead on the path to economic recovery? with D Archibugi
  • 2013: UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills:Analysis of the UK Innovation Survey 2011 (with R Lambert)
  • 2012: UK Accreditation Service: the Economics of Accreditation (with R Lambert)
  • 2011: UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and UK Intellectual Property Office: Innovation Dynamics and the Role of the Infrastructure
  • 2010: BEI School Research Grant: The determinants of innovation performance across European countries (with G Ietto-Gillies and A Filippetti)
  • 2009/10: UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills: Innovation metrics and models: the UK innovation system in an international context
  • 2009: European Commission - InnoMetrics: Thematic paper on Impact of internationalisation on countries innovation performance (with G Ietto-Gillies and A Filippetti)
  • 2008: UK Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills: Modes of non-technological innovation activities
  • 2008: Academy of International Business, Best Reviewer Award, July, 2008.
  • 2007: ESRC/DIUS: Research Placement Fellowship at the Department for Innovation, University and Skills. Policy advice and research based upon quantified analysis of the UK innovation system.

Dr Marion Frenz