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My current research interests include ESG relevant topics, hybrid bank capital securities, banks’ executive compensation and asset management.

Book/monographs and chapters in books

  • Yu, P. and Luu, B.V. (2017). Pay Dispersion, Culture and Bank Performance. In Ibeh, K. et al. eds. Growth Frontiers in International Business. Spring Nature: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 259-288. DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-48861-6_13.

Refereed articles

  • Yu, E. P., Guo, Q., and Luu, B.V. (2018) ESG transparency and firm value, Business Strategy and the Environment, accepted and forthcoming.
  • Yu, P. and Luu, B.V. (2016) Bank performance and Executive Pay, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, Vol 47, Issue 3, pp 607-643.
  • Elgadi, E. and Yu, P. (2016) The profitability of Islamic banking in Sudan, International Journal of Management Practice, forthcoming.
  • Luu, B.V. and Yu, P. (2012) Momentum in Government Bond Markets, Journal of Fixed Income, Fall 2012, Vol 22, NO 2, pp72-79.
  • Yu, P., and Luu, B.V. (2012) Lessons from the Collapse in Hybrid Bank Capital Securities, International Journal of Management Practice, Vol.5, No.2, 2012, pp.125-148.
  • Luu, B.V. and Yu, P. (2011) The Credit Risk Premium: Should Investors Overweight Credit,   When and By How Much?  Journal of Investing, Winter 2011 Issue, pp.132-140.
  • Yu, P., Jessica Yang and Nada K. Kakabadse (2011) Developing “Best Practice” in Bankers’ Pay in Light of Basel III, Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets and Institutions, Volume 1, Issue 3, pp.7-16.

Conference presentations

  • Yu, P. and Luu, B.V. (2016) Pay Dispersion, Culture and Bank performances,  43rd Academy of International Business (UK & Ireland Chapter) Conference, International Business in a Multi-speed Global Economy, 7th -9th April, 2016.
  • Yu, P. and Luu, B.V. (2015) Culture Differences, Pay Dispersion and Bank performances,  32nd International Symposium on Money, Banking and Finance Nice - Sophia Antipolis, France, 11th -12th June, 2015.
  • Yu, P. and Luu, B.V. (2014) Bank performance and Executive Pay, 6th International Finance and Banking Society (IFABS) Conference on Alternative Futures For Global Banking, Lisbon, 18th-20th June, 2014.
  • Yu, P., J. Yang (2011) Paying for Long-Term Performance: Restructuring Bankers’ Pay for Risk Regulation, Presented to The 25th British Academy of Management (BAM) Conference, 13-15 September 2011.

Area of Research Supervision:

PhD supervision
I am interested in supervising PhD students from the following topics: hybrid bank capital securities, asset management, and ESG relevant topics.  I would like to require my students having the good knowledge of panel data econometrics.