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Recent Publications


Buchanan, J., Chai, D. H. & Deakin, S. (2012) Hedge Fund Activism in Japan: The Limits of Shareholder Primacy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Mitsuhashi, H. (2014) Administrative Science Quarterly, 59: 366-369
Owen, G. The Financial Times, 27 June 2012



Journal articles

Buchanan, J., Chai, D. H. & Deakin, S. (2014) Agency Theory in Practice: a Qualitative Study of Hedge Fund Activism in Japan. Corporate Governance: An International Review, 22(4): 296-311.

Buchanan, J., Chai, D. H. & Deakin, S. (2014) Empirical Analysis of Institutions and Institutional Change: Multiple Methods Approaches and their Application to Corporate Governance Research. Journal of Institutional Economics, 10(1): 1-20. <Shortlisted for the 2015 Elinor Ostrom Prize>

Chai, D. H., Choi, Y. Y. & Huh, E. (2014) Open Innovation in Venture Firms: the Impact of External Search Strategy on Innovation Performance of Korean Manufacturing Firms. Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Venturing and Entrepreneurship, 9(1): 1-13. <Best Journal Paper of the Year>

Lee, Y. & Chai, D. H. (2013) Credit Loss Distributions under Non-normality: Analysis of Infinite Homogeneous Portfolio of US Commercial Banks. Korean Journal of Information and Operations Management, 23(2): 69-104.

Chai, D. H. & Lee, J. (2012) Business Cycles and Greek Ship-owners’ Contrarian Strategy. Seoul Journal of Management, 46: 261-280.


Book chapters

Deakin, S., McLaughlin, C. & Chai, D. H., (2012) Gender Inequality and Reflexive Law. In Dickens, L. (Ed.), Making Employment Rights Effective, London: Hart Publishing.