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Recent Journal Articles

Daniel, E., Di Domenico, M.  & Nunan, D. (2018). Virtual Mobility and the Lonely Cloud: Theorizing the Mobility-Isolation Paradox for Self-Employed Knowledge-Workers in the Online Home-Based Business Context. Journal of Management Studies.

Nunan, D. & Di Domenico, M. (2017). Big data: A normal accident waiting to happen? Journal of Business Ethics. 145(3).

Nunan, D. (2017). Reflections on the industry: is market research having its 'Kodak moment'? International Journal of Market Research. 59(5)

Nunan, D. (2016). The declining use of the term 'Market Research'. International Journal of Market Research. 58(4)

Marbach, J., Lages, C. & Nunan, D. (2016) Who are you and what do you value? Investigating the role of personality traits and customer-perceived value in online customer engagement. Journal of Marketing Management. 32(5-6).

Ball, K., Di Domenico, M. Nunan, D. (2016). Big Data Surveillance and the Body-subject. Body and Society. 22.

Nunan, D. & Di Domenico, M. (2016). Exploring reidentfication risk: Is anonymization a promise we can keep? International Journal of Market Research. 58(1).

Nunan, D. (2015). The market research skills gap. International Journal of Market Research. 57 (2).

Di Domenico, M., Daniel, E. & Nunan, D. (2014) Mental mobility in the digital age: Entrepreneurs and the online home-based business. New Technology, Work and Employment. 29(3)

Insley, V. & Nunan, D. (2014).  Gamification and the online retail experience. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management. 42(5).

Nunan, D. & Yenicioglu, B. (2013) Informed, uninformed and participative consent in social media research. International Journal of Market Research. 55(6).
[Paper nominated for the 2014 MRS Silver Medal]

Nunan, D. & Di Domenico, M. (2013) Market research & the ethics of big data. International Journal of Market Research. 55(4).

Nunan, D. & Knox, S. (2011) Can search engine advertising help access rare samples?. International Journal of Market Research. 52(4).
[Paper nominated for the 2012 MRS Silver Medal, Winner of the MRS Award for Innovation in Research Methodology]

Books & Book Chapters

Malhotra, N., Nunan, D. & Birks, D. (2017) Marketing Research: An Applied Orientation. 5th Edition. Pearson.

Nunan, D. & Di Domenico, M. (2015) 'Shamrock & Tartan in New York: Building identities amongst diasporas'. in Consuming St. Patricks Day, eds Bryan, D. and Skinner, J., Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Recent Conference Papers & Presentations

Marbach, J., Lages, C., Nunan, D., & Ekinci, Y. (2017) Customer Engagement in Firm-Hosted Online Brand Communities. QUIS15, Porto, Portugal. July 2017.

Nunan, D. & Dibley, A. (2016). Sharp Suits and Scruffy Jeans: Role dissonance within management education. Research in Management Learning & Education, INSEAD, July 2016.

Nunan, D. (2015). Pioneers or pirates? Exploring discourses of piratical innovation. CSOS-IMS Interdisciplinary Workshop. Goldsmiths, University of London, June 2015.

Nunan, D. (2015). Regulation and its unintended consequences for survey research. Royal Statistical Society Seminar on Protecting Privacy. Imperial College, London. May 2015

Nunan, D. (2014) Putting research back into market research. Putting research into the curriculum conference. University of Reading, September 2014

Nunan, D. (2014). Uninformed Consent and Social Media Research. Social Research Association Conference, London, June 2014.

Nunan, D. (2014) Protecting Privacy: Regulation and its unintended consequences for survey research. Association of Survey Computing Conference. London, April 2014.

Nunan, D. (2013). Big Data. Big Problems? MRS / International Journal of Market Research Seminar, London, November 2013.

Nunan, D. (2012) Should marketers learn to code? A Data Oriented Approach to Marketing. Academy of Marketing Conference, Southampton University, July 2012.