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Research Interests

George’s research interests lie in the areas of brand management, digital marketing/marketing communications and cross-national research.  George is particularly interested in the influence of interactive, mobile and social media technologies on the development and management of brands and on consumer-brand relationships.

If you are passionate about brands and digital technologies and are considering studying for a PhD then George would like to hear from you.   Please forward your CV and short research proposal to

Funded Research Projects


Topic: Consumer-Brand Forgiveness (with Dr Nikoletta Siamagka, King’s College London)

Project funded by BEI School Research Grant scheme (£4,840)


Topic: Learning about and through Social Media in Higher Education: An Investigation into UG Marketing Education (with Dr Nikoletta Siamagka, Henley Business School)

Co-investigator on an Academy of Marketing funded project (£2,000 examining the use of social media as content as well as a support tool in Marketing HE.


Topic: A European Study in Consumer-Based Brand Equity (with Dr Cleopatra Veloutsou, University of Glasgow)

Principal investigator on an ESRC funded project [RES-000-22-3431] (£99,907) for research on brand performance measurement practices in a European context. The project has involved data collection in three European countries, UK, Germany and Greece.


Topic: The Effect of Spoof Ads on Brand Perceptions (with Dr Colin Jevons, Monash University).

Principal investigator on a British Academy funded project (SG100282) (£5,550) investigating the effect of spoof ads on brand perceptions.

Professor George Christodoulides