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Research Interests

  • Informal Institutions, Social Capital, Trust, Corruption, Tax Morale, Prosocial Behaviour

Current Research

  • Fighting Corruption and the Use of Bribe: in the Palestinian Territories: With or Without Social Capital?
  • Social Capital, Local Elections and Government Performance in Italy (with Andrea Filippetti and Alberto Batinti)
  • Space and Civic Engagement: A Spatial Analysis on Individual Level Data (With Andrea Filippetti and Pier Paolo Angelini)

Grants and Awards

  • 2016 – 2017 Small Research Grant Space and Civic Engagement: A Spatial Analysis on Individual Level Data (£ 2,000) Sponsored by the School of Business Economics and Informatics
  • 2014, March: Best Conference Paper in Institutional Economics of the Economic Research Forum Annual Conference 2014 – Awarded by the Economic Research Forum
  • 2012: Leonardo Partnership: Exploring Conceptions of Financial Literacy in the European VET context (1,500 euros) – Sponsored by the EU.
  • 2010, September: Travel Bursary for IIPPE Annual Conference in Political Economy “Beyond the Crisis” – Sponsored by the International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy
  • 2010: Social Capital and Corruption Puzzle: Evidence from a Palestinian Survey($2,000) – Sponsored by The Palestine Economic and Policy Research Institute
  • 2009, September: Travel Bursary for Conference Civil Society, Social Capital and Economic Development – Sponsored by The Bank of Sweden, the Royal Institute of Technology and Jonkoping International Business School Stockholm
  • 2006 – 2009: Full Doctorate Scholarship – Sponsored by the Economic and Social Research Council

Editorial Activities

  • Member of the Editorial Board of the Revista Debates
  • Coordinator of the Birkbeck Working Paper Series of the Department of Management
  • Guest Editor (with Asimina Christoforou) of the Symposium on Social Capital Journal of Economic Issues, (Published in March 2016)
  • Guest Editor (with Asimina Christoforou and Marcello Baquero) of the Social Capital Dossier “Social Capital and Democracies in Emerging Democracies: Other Theoretical and Methodological Approaches” Revista Debates (Published in August 2015)

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