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Yuanyuan Liu

supervisor: Prof. Xiaming Liu

Investigation of employee resilience in banking industry: A psychological interactional perspective

Heightened global competition and the often aggressive competitive strategy adopted by banks are subjecting their employees to a growing level of performance pressure and requiring them to be resilient to sustain the pressure. This study aims to:

  1. Examine a new psychological mechanism through which employee learning orientation influences employee job performance in the banking industry
  2. Investigate the relationship between organizational culture and employee resilience
  3. Explore the influence of personal motivation, organizational culture and the interaction of the two on the employee resilience.

keywords: employee resilience, organizational culture, job performance, psychological interaction


  • Mixed Method
    • Qualitative
      Comparative case study.
      Data collection: semi-structured interviews
    • Quantitative
      Data Collection: Survey-based Study

Yuanyuan Liu