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Yola Markoudis

Thesis title

Social and Political Unrest in the Eurozone and role of Institutions.  A European experience since WWI


As with science in general this project will be a cumulative endeavor, exploring strategic and tactical aspects associated with employment opportunities and energy resources’ availability in securing socio-political and economic stability.

Furthermore it will attempt to show how international institutions (such as EU and WTO) might prevent or counter the social and economic unrest resulting from high levels of involuntary unemployment and extreme resource scarcity through an examination of four countries of the Eurozone (Germany, France, Italy and Spain), despite their different strategies and models of liberal capitalism.

The current upheaval in the Eurozone has caused industrial decline and social polarization and the unhealthy relationship between industry and finance has only exacerbated the situation. Especially in the case of Italy and Spain since they are mostly gripped with social and political unrest. The study will identify similarities and differences amongst the countries – and their responses to challenges encountered since the Great War; and it will seek to provide insight into alternative paths of development that might prove less prone to instability.

Based on the economic theories developed by Malthus, Keynes and on stagnation theory, the role played by unemployment and resources scarcity, as drivers of social and political unrest will be explored in the four country case studies throughout a period of time, which will be divided in seven major events.

The objective is to determine the extent to which reformation of the Eurozone’s regulations and norms might serve as a solution for reinstating economic and social stability and thus avoiding a repeat of the extremities and devastating events of the past.

My research interests are in the area of institutions as well as political and European studies. Under the more general term of ‘Qualitative Research Method’, I am currently using comparative explanatory case studies and historical data in order to interpret and explain the events in chronological order. Critical Hermeneutics is chosen in order to allow a constructivism approach with possible alternatives.


Previous Education:

  • Birkbeck College: Msc in International Business – 2004
  • Surrey University: Msc in Advanced manufacturing & Management Technology – 2002
  • Surrey University – Beng in Engineering with Business Management – 2001

Professional/Employment Background

  • Assistant Tutor at Birkbeck – Current
  • TEMKA S.A. (Athens/ Greece)  – Commercial Manager – 2004-2012
    • Varied graduate, technical & customer facing roles including preparation of quotations for biddings in the public & private industrial sector
    • Responsible for management of contracts/projects & negotiations, liaison contact with clients
    • Managed projects of 2-4m budget (Belfast - Coca Cola plant, CERN - high tech platforms, ALSTOM- steel structures)
    • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to draft project schedules and plans.
    • Drafted action plans and led meetings with department executives to review project status and proposed changes.
    • Monitored costs, time-scales and resources used to achieve goals
    • Developed presentations to present project progress to the executive team.
  • RUSSELL FINEX Ltd (Feltham/Middlesex)– Internal Sales Engineer – 2003-2004
    • Responsible for quotations and coordination of projects in UK & Ireland with Sales Target at 2m £/year. Main sectors included Pharmaceuticals, (GlaxoSmithKline, Astra Zeneca,Pfizer) Food (Nestle, Cadburys) and heavy steel construction.
    • Proven ability of successful contract awards, negotiation skills, achieving targets and contractual deadlines.
    • Accomplished in motivating various parties to provide a high level of customer service across.
    • Monitored team progress and enforced deadlines.
    • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to draft project schedules and plans.

I have so far presented at the PhD conferences of Birkbeck and I have been an assistant tutor for the following modules:

  • International Marketing (Postgraduates)
  • International Strategy (Postgraduates)
  • Research methods (Undergraduates)
  • Management Studies (Undergraduates)