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Sumit Bhardwaj

Thesis topic

Adoption barriers and success factors of Social commerce within Small and Medium enterprises in the United Kingdom


Social commerce interpreted as “community + e-commerce” is not a passing fad anymore. Revenue earned by Social commerce was about $5 Bn in 2011 and estimated by Booz & Company this amount will grow to $30 Bn by 2015(Anderson, Sims, Price, & Brusa, 2011).   More than just a buzzword or a neologism for the combination of social media and e-commerce, it represents an emerging phenomenon stimulated by the web 2.0 wave (C. Wang, 2009). On the other hand Small and Medium enterprises have always been known to have issues with new technology adoption, therefore researcher wants to investigate the usage of social commerce by SMEs in the UK using a case study analysis method and understand adoption issues and successful factors for Small and Medium businesses in the United Kingdom

Research interests / research methods

  • Social commerce
  • Social media commerce
  • Social media
  • Small and Medium businesses
  • Small businesses
  • SME
  • Case study methodology
  • Pattern Matching

Previous education

  • BA Sociology, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok;
  • MSc International Business, Manchester University
  • Master of computer applications, IMT Ghaziabad


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