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Maxim Viktor Wolf

supervisor: Dr. Julian Sims

The role of Social Media-Use in Human Resource Management Process

This cross-disciplinary research investigates Social Media use in the Human Resource Management (HRM) Process. This work places the Information Systems (IS) research firmly in the field of HRM. Social media has penetrated and enabled changes at personal, organisational and societal levels. Through social media more people have (free) access to wider audiences than previously possible. This “bottom-up” quality of social media use challenges existing established communication and publication patterns and presents organisations with new possibilities to engage with their internal and external stakeholders.

This research aims at creating an understanding of how organisations use social media in their communication process. The research uses multiple qualitative case studies and Resource Based View of the firm to describe how social media use is (a) supporting, creating and re-define internal communication processes, (b) when it becomes strategic, and (c) how it leads to development of new capabilities.

keywords: interpretative study, case study, qualitative study, social media, strategic human resource management, information systems, resource based view


  • Qualitative, Multiple Case Study

Maxim Viktor Wolf