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Linjie Li

Thesis topic

Institutional voids and firm performance


This project tries to explore and test the relationships between institutional voids and firm's performance. Furthermore, moderating factors of voids-performance relationship will also be investigated.

Research Interests

  • China economy/Foreign Direct Investment and economic growth/Institutional Voids

Research Methods and Scientific techniques used

Quantitative research methods, Qualitative research Methods, Triangulation of qualitative and quantitative research methods
Familiar software for data analysis: STATA, SPSS, EXCEL

Previous education

  • 10/01/2012-09/30/2013    MSc International Business and Development Birkbeck College, University of London
  • 10/01/2007-06/30/2011     International Economics & Trade Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (Bachelar)
  • (Project 211, National Key University under the Direct Administration of the Ministry of Education of China)

Professional Experience

  • 05/2013-07/2013        Legal Assistant in Maxwell Alves Solicitors, London.
  • 10/2011-07/2012     Administrative Officer, School of International Business, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. In charge of international affairs and financial management


  • 9/2010  Li, Linjie, A Test for China’s Technology Spillovers of FDI on the Basis of FDI Heterogeneity, published in the national journal Modern Economic Information, ISSN1001-828X, CN23-1056/F.
  • 9/2010  Li, Linjie, Metro Supply Chain Management, published in the national journal Charming China, ISSN1673-09992, CN41-1390/C.
  • 8/2010  Li, Linjie, Present Situation of China's Finance Expenditure on Agriculture and Its Problem Analysis published in the journal Manager Journal.
  • 8/2010  Li, Linjie, Translated Proceedings of Dujiangyan International Forum, published in Beijing Normal University Press in November, 2010.
  • 8/2010  Li, Linjie, The Strategy of Talent Localization in Multinational Corporations, published in the journal International Journal of Business and Management (Canadian Center of Science and Education) in Vol.5, No.12, in December 2010.
  • 3/2010  Li, Linjie, An Analysis on Influencing Factors of Taxation, published in the national journal Modern Economic Information, Issue 292, ISSN1001-828X, CN23-1056/F.
  • Note:   Li, Linjie, Outward Foreign Direct Investment and Firm’s Productivity growth: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms, ready to be revised and submitted.


  • Professor Xiaming Liu, Department of Management, Birkbeck College

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