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What are mitigating circumstances?

Mitigating circumstances are defined as unforeseen, unpreventable circumstances that significantly disrupt a student’s performance in assessment. This should not be confused with long term issues such as medical conditions, for which the College can make adjustments before assessment.

It is not possible to grant extensions on assignments or examinations, however, students can submit a Mitigating Circumstances claim if something unexpected happens that disrupts their assessments.

When can students submit a mitigating circumstances claim?

Students can submit a mitigating circumstances claim if

  1. they will be late in submitting their coursework, or
  2. they are unable to attend an exam or mid-term test, and
  3. the reasons for the above meet the criteria of the Mitigating Circumstances Policy

The College policy on mitigating circumstances can be found here. This includes the appendix ‘Guidance on Grounds for Mitigating Circumstances’ which gives further information and examples of what will usually be accepted or rejected.

How to complete and submit the form

Mitigating Circumstances form 2019-20

Students should outline the reasons why they cannot meet a coursework deadline or why they are unable to attend an exam/mid-term test. Students must support their case with evidence e.g. provide a copy of a doctor's note in the case of medical circumstances. Evidence should always be submitted on headed paper. Claims submitted without supporting evidence will not be considered.

Completed claim forms and supporting evidence should be submitted to the relevant programme administrator.

Deadlines for submitting a claim

Students must submit the form and evidence to their programme administrator two weeks after the original coursework deadline or date of the test/exam. A claim will not be considered if it is submitted later than this, unless there are exceptional circumstances why it could not be submitted and there must be evidence to support this.

What happens after submitting a claim?

All claims will be discussed by the Mitigating Circumstances Committee at their next scheduled meeting (normally once per term). Programme administrators will contact students with the Committee's decision after the meeting.

Outcomes of claims

For coursework, if the Committee agrees that the request for Mitigating Circumstances is justified, the late penalty mark of 40% (UG) / 50% (PG) (assuming the work is of a pass standard) will be withdrawn and the 'real' mark will be awarded.

For exams/mid-term tests, if the Committee agrees that the request for Mitigating Circumstances is justified, students will be able to re-sit the exam/mid-term test without penalty, i.e. it will remain as the same attempt.

Mitigating Circumstances, no matter how severe, are not a substitute for academic performance. If the work is below a pass standard, a case may be discussed but the mark cannot be raised.