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Tingting Sheng

BA Management and Accounting

Studying in a foreign language is never easy, but Tingting Sheng, from China, has proved how it can be incredibly rewarding as she scored top marks at Birkbeck, University of London. Tingting graduated with a First for her BA degree in Management and Accounting. She studied part-time in the evenings over five years.

Birkbeck was first recommended to Tingting by her English husband David. She said the combination of evening studying and Birkbeck’s University of London qualifications really appealed to her. Tingting started her course in 2007, shortly after moving to the UK and getting married. Her earlier qualifications include a Diploma in Communication Administration from the East China University of Science and Technology.

Tingting said: 'I very much enjoyed my first and second years. It was all so new to me. It is really exciting learning in central London – it is such a multicultural city and there is always something going on. The College is very friendly, the facilities are great and I made good friends in the class. To all students who want to study in the UK: If you have a dream you have to make it come true.'

'I now have a wider understanding of business and my English has improved a lot over the years thanks to the course. My confidence has definitely improved. I was very proud and surprised to get a First.'

Tingting is currently a purchasing assistant for a company selling consumer goods, and she hopes her Birkbeck degree will help her advance her career and work in marketing for an international company.

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'It is really exciting learning in central London – it is such a multicultural city.'