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Stephen Saw

BSc Business and Accounting

Stephen Saw chose to study at Birkbeck to help him change career from marketing to finance, and he is very pleased with his decision. The knowledge and advice he is gaining from his BSc in Business are enabling him to develop his interests and expertise in readiness for working in the City.

Stephen said: 'A career change had been on my mind for a few years, but I didn’t want to resign from work. Instead I came down from a senior management position to work as a project manager for a business to business market research company to enable me to have enough time for my studies. The key was being completely transparent with my employer, and the company has been incredibly supportive. What attracted me to Birkbeck was the flexibility of studying for three years in the evenings. It is definitely hard work combining work and study, and you do need to be well-organised and determined, but I really feel like I have made the right decision. Three evenings a week and occasional classes on Saturdays are manageable. I’m using the time to build knowledge, make contacts and get experience in the finance sector. Currently I’m interested in investment banking.'

Birkbeck was recommended to Stephen by a handful of friends, and he also saw adverts in the capital before deciding to apply, aged 31, through UCAS to London’s evening university.

Stephen added: 'My classmates are a good and mixed bunch of ages, and everyone is open and very friendly. We have found ‘study buddies’, and sometimes Skype each other for revision sessions. Birkbeck’s location in Bloombsury in central London is fantastic and the library is really good. It’s open at the weekends and you can access the digital library remotely, which is really useful.'

Stephen is finding that the knowledge he is gaining about the world of business from his course is also helping him with his existing role carrying out data analysis and writing reports.

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'Birkbeck’s location in Bloomsbury in central London is fantastic and the library is really good.'