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Archibugi D and A Filippetti (2017) “The retreat of public research and its adverse consequences on innovationTechnological Forecasting and Social Change. Available online.

Kelly J, A. Hodder, N. McCarthy and M. Williams (2017) “Does strike action increase trade union membership growth?British Journal of Industrial Relations, 55(1): 165-86.

Konzelmann S, F. Wilkinson (forthcoming) “Co-operation and Competition in Production and Exchange: The “District” Form of Industrial Organization and Development” Journal of Industrial and Business Economics (Economia e Politica Industriale).

Konzelmann S, M. Fovargue-Davies and F. Wilkinson (forthcoming) “Britain’s Industrial Evolution: The Structuring Role of Economic TheoryJournal of Economic Issues.

Konzelmann S (2017) “Governance in the Making – A View from Academe” Board Leadership: Innovative Approaches to Governance. 151, May-June.

Lawton Smith H, S Bagchi-Sen, and L Edmunds (2017) “Innovation cycles and geographies of innovation: A Study of Healthcare innovation in EuropeEuropean Urban and Regional Studies

Sahiti F, and H Lawton Smith, (forthcoming) “An application of Growth Diagnostics on the Growth of Firms: with evidence from Kosovo firmsJournal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Meschitti V and Lawton Smith, H (2017) “Mentoring for women academics. A review of the literature and proposition for future researchJournal of Research in Gender Studies 7(1): 166–199

Rossi, F (2017) The drivers of efficient knowledge transfer performance: evidence from British universities, Cambridge Journal of Economics, September

Rossi, F, Rosli, A and N Yip (2017) “Academic engagement as knowledge co-production and implications for impact: Evidence from Knowledge Transfer Partnerships”, Journal of Business Research, 80, 1-9

Tacon, R., Walters, G. and Cornforth, C. (2017) “Accountability in nonprofit governance: A process-based study”, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 46 (4), 685-704.

Tacon, R. and Vainker, S. (2017) Fantasy sport: A systematic review and new research directions, European Sport Management Quarterly.


Archibugi D and A Pease “Crime and Global Justice. The Dynamics of International Punishment” (“Delitto e castigo nella società globale. Crimini e processi internazionali”), Castelvecchi. The English edition is in press and will be published by Polity in January 2018.


Growth Frontiers in International Business, edited by Professor Kevin Ibeh, Dr Paz Estrella Tolentino, Dr Odile E.M. Janne and Professor Xiaming Liu of the Department of Management, has recently been published by Palgrave Macmillan. The 300-page research volume, produced in association with the Academy of International Business UK and Ireland Chapter, provides insights on new growth avenues and trajectories in international business and offers fresh and interdisciplinary perspectives on directions for advancing the growth of international enterprises and the global economy. An international cast of established and emergent scholars from the International Business and International Entrepreneurship fields contributed the individual chapters, which illustrate a variety of contemporary growth directions in international business. The book explores topics around international entrepreneurship, foreign direct investment, international networks and growth industries, triggers and practices, and is organized in four main sub sections, covering policy frontiers, emerging market frontiers, innovation pathways and ethical growth avenues.


Tuncay Zayer L, C. A. Coleman, H Wendy, J Littlefield, L Steinfield (2018 – in press). “Gender and the Self: Traversing Feminisms, Masculinities, and Intersectionality Towards Transformative Perspectives”. In Michael R. Solomon, Tina M. Lowrey (Eds.), The Routledge Companion to Consumer Behavior, Routledge: London.

Latest Publications