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External Appointments

Prof. Kevin Ibeh was recently appointed PhD External Examiner at Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, July 2017. He was also appointed External Panel Member for the Review of the Lancaster University Ghana partnership (July 2017) and Expert Reviewer for a research grant proposal by the National Science Centre, Poland (Sept. 2017). Prof. Ibeh was also an invited Panellist for the Doctoral Colloquium of the 21st McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference held in Galway, Republic of Ireland, (August 30 – Sept. 1, 2017).

Prof. John Kelly was appointed PhD examiner at Darwin College, University of Cambridge, in May 2017.

Dr Anita Walsh was recently appointed Reviewer for the UK National Teaching Fellowship Awards. She was also appointed External Examiner for Certificate in Higher Education Social Welfare, Advice and Guidance at the University of Leicester.