Bloomsbury Autumn Programme 2018

Run in partnership with Anglo Educational Services (AES), a leading provider of education abroad programmes, the Birbeck London Semester Programme is based at the heart of academic London in Bloomsbury. We offer modules across the humanities, social sciences, business and communication and you will be taught by academics who are researching at the cutting-edge of their fields. 

The autumn programme is 14 weeks long and courses run for three hours each in the daytime. Courses can be taken in tandem with a work placement of up to two-and-a-half days a week (see below). The courses are assessed by a combination of coursework and exams. 

Find out more about the range of modules on offer for this semester. 

British and European Cinema

  • This course explores British and European film and film-making practices while equipping you with the critical tools you need to analyse and appreciate film.
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International Business 

  • This course will help you understand international business in the age of globalisation, including import and export strategies, foreign direct investment and cross-border collaboration.
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London: growth of a modern world city

  • This course explores how the people and institutions of London were crucial in the creation and unmaking of a worldwide empire and how, in turn, the physical fabric, population, economy and culture of London were shaped by this experience.
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Media forms and institutions in Britain

  • This course explores British media - television, cinema, the press and the pop music industry - in the age of digitalisation and the Internet.
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Modern British Politics

  • This course considers the history of British politics in an era defined by globalisation and the decline of Britain on the global stage. You will learn about the institutions and constitutional arrangements of the British state, including political parties.
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Modern British Society since 1945

  • This course offers a detailed examination of British society in the second half of the twentieth century. It draws on social theory and sociology to analyse specifically British social structures and the dynamics of class, gender and ethnicity.
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Modern Theatre and the London Stage

  • This course looks at the work of some of the most important British and European playwrights of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with a particular emphasis on how urban change was depicted on stage.
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Shakespeare in London

  • This course will introduce you to the plays of William Shakespeare and explores his work in the context of Elizabethan London and the European Renaissance.
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The Twentieth-Century British Novel

  • This course looks at novels by some of the most important and influential writers of the twentieth century. We will explore the novel in its social, cultural and literary contexts.
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Work placement

  • Our work placements involve a work assignment of up to two-and-a-half days a week. Placements are available in a wide range of fields, but some of the most common placements are in arts management, business, media and communications, and politics. Past students have had placements at top US companies, Parliament, British financial institutions, fashion designers, theatres and concert halls and prestigious media outlets. 
  • In addition, you will take a tutorial course and prepare a related academic research project.
  • The work placement replaces one module of the autumn programme.
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