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8.0 Specific Situations


8.1 Action to take on the completion of probation

(i) PDR objectives and the development plan should be agreed on successful completion of probation.  These should cover the next twelve months (see ii below) and may be an extension/confirmation of any objectives and development agreed during probation.  Sections 2 and 3 of the PDR form should be used.

(ii) The first formal PDR meeting and PDR form should normally be completed twelve months after completion of probation.


8.2 Managing Performance

Managing Performance is a continuous activity and measures how well individuals are performing in relation to the College`s standards, assessment and Progress Development Review processes.   Performance is managed through the College`s existing review and support mechanisms, including PDRs, meeting/one-to-ones, learning, development, coaching and mentoring.

If performance management concerns arise, guidance is available in the Performance Management Policy and Procedure.

A link to this policy is at section 13 below.


8.3 Exceptional Contribution and the Contribution - Related Pay Awards Policy

Exceptional Contribution is defined in the Contribution Related Pay Awards Policy; a link to this policy can be found in section 13 below.


8.4 Reviewee leaves the College

The last completed PDR form should be sent to Human Resources for retention on their personnel file.


8.5 Reviewee moves to a new role within the College

PDR objectives and a personal development plan should be agreed in the 1st month of the new role and recorded in sections 2 and 3 of the PDR form.


8.6 Reviewee has multiple roles within the college

If a reviewee has multiple roles/positions, with different line managers, within the College then:

    i. The reviewee will normally have a PDR for the substantive position.

    ii. The reviewee and respective reviewer(s) may agree to have a review for other non-substantive post(s).

    iii. If there is no substantive post i.e. same number of hours in each role, then the reviewee will have a PDR for each post.


8.7 New reviewer

If there is a change in reviewer then, where possible the new reviewer should meet with the previous reviewer to discuss the reviewee`s progress.  The previous PDR form should be made available to the new reviewer. 

The new reviewer and reviewee should meet to confirm that the objectives and development plan are still relevant and amend them as appropriate.


8.8 New Director/Director of Operations/Principal Investigator/Executive Dean

A new Director/Director of Operations/Executive Dean can have access to the PDR forms from their respective Professional Service Department or School from the last round, as required.  A new Principal Investigator should have access to PDRs for their team.     

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