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Xuemei Chen

2019 Cross-linguistic and cross-cultural humour perception and communication among Chinese L2 users of English Jean-Marc Dewaele
Hui Sun 2018 A longitudinal study of second language oral ability development during study abroad: The role of linguistic domains and individual differences Kazuya Saito
Asma Al-Amer 2018 Phonological acquisition and development of Arabic- English bilingual children Zhu Hua
Alessandra Panicacci 2017 Psychological, emotional, linguistic and cultural changes following migration. The case of Italian migrants living in English-speaking countries Jean-Marc Dewaele
Ana Carolina Brandao 2017 EFL pre-service teachers’ journeys in a Brazilian teacher education program: a narrative inquiry of professional identity formation Tom Morton
Parvaneh Parvaresh 2017 The relationship between teacher cognition and classroom practice in the context of curriculum reform Jean-Marc Dewaele
Areej Alawad 2017

The Role of Video in the Explicit Teaching of English Request Strategies in Saudi Female Students' Use of Linguistically Accurate/Fluent and Pragmatically Appropriate English Requests

Zhu Hua
Dorota Gaskins 2017

The usage-based account of early bilingual development: a case study of a child exposed to Polish and English from birth

Penelope Gardner-Chloros
Liana Pavelescu 2017

Emotions and Motivation in Context: A Multiple Case Study of High School Students Learning English as a Foreign Language in Romania

Bojana Petric
Mingfang Li 2016 Language Management at UK Confucius Institute: Practice and Policies Li Wei, Zhu Hua
Jim McCloskey 2016

Attitudes to LX speech: performance and status evaluations in group work

Jean-Marc Dewaele
Takako Inada 2016 Determinants of foreign language classroom anxiety in a Japanese EFL university classroom and its relationship to native language use by students Jean-Marc Dewaele
Yvonne Yu-Feng Chi 2016 Multilingual Couples’ Disagreement - Taiwanese Partners and Their Foreign Spouses Zhu Hua, Li Wei
Brian Ramadiro 2016

Code-switching/multilingualism in a South African rural classrooms

Penelope Gardner-Chloros
Ariadne Loutrari 2016

Prosody beyond pitch and emotion in speech and music: evidence from right hemisphere brain damage and congenital amusia.

Marjorie Lorch
Joanna Garbutt 2015 A Study of the Use of Discourse Markers in Police-Suspect Interviews Malcolm Edwards

Franco Zappettini


The Discursive Construction of Europeanness: A Transnational Perspective

Lisa McEntee-Atalianis

Pitchayapa Siridetkoon 2015 Motivation, Anxiety and International Posture Of Multiple Language Learners In Thailand. Jean-Marc Dewaele
Katherine Hammer 2015 Life in a new language: An acculturation perspective on language shift in bilinguals. Jean-Marc Dewaele
John Witney 2015 Lateral (Morpho) Syntactic Transfer An empirical investigation into the positive and negative influences of French on L1 English learners of Spanish within an instructed language-learning environment. Jean-Marc Dewaele
Fatma Said 2014 A sociolinguistic study of multilingual talk at mealtimes: The case of an Arab family in London. Zhu Hua, Malcolm Edwards
Jennifer Watson 2014 Intercultural learning and development among youth participants in the short term educational programmes of an international charity (CISV) Zhu Hua, Marjorie Lorch
Susan Samata 2014

Unintended monolingualism: The effects on second, and subsequent, generation immigrants of not fully sharing their parents’ first language

Li Wei,
Jean-Marc Dewaele,

Barbara Gibson

2014 Intercultural competencies needed by global CEOs

Zhu Hua,
Rosemary Wilson, Kerry Harman

Yu Jiang 2013

Gender Differences and the Development of L2 English Learners' L2 Motivational Self System and International Posture in China.


Yu Jiang & Dewaele, J.-M. (under submission) What lies bubbling beneath the surface? A longitudinal perspective on fluctuations of ideal L2 self and ought-to L2 self among learners of English in Chinese universities.

Jean-Marc Dewaele
Ruxandra Comanaru 2013

The Role of Language Attitudes and Practices in the Emergence of European Identity


Dewaele, J.-M., Comanaru, R & M. Faraco (to appear) The affective benefits of a pre-sessional course at the start of study abroad. In R.F. Mitchell, K. McManus, N. Tracy Ventura (eds.), Social interaction, identity and language learning during residence abroad. Eurosla Monographs series.

Jean-Marc Dewaele
Keith Atkin 2013

Comprehending the Nonconventional Nonsymbolic Behaviours Demonstrated by a Young Child with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD).


Atkin, K. (2012). Interaction and Communication Lie at the Heart of Engagement: Reflections upon the Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (CLDD) Research Project. The SLD Experience, 63, 5-8.

Atkin, K. & Perlman Lorch, M. (2007). Language Development in a Three-Year-Old Boy with Prader-Willi Syndrome. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, 21(4), 261-276.

Atkin, K. & Perlman Lorch, M. (2006). Hyperlexia in a Four-Year-Old Boy with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 19(4), 253-269.

Marjorie Lorch, Zhu Hua

Elena Antonova Unlu


Acquisition of the Russian language by a bilingual Turkish-Russian child in the Turkish-dominant environment.

Li Wei, Jean-Marc Dewaele
Huw Rees 2012

Linguistic knowledge and listening strategies: A learner-centred approach to listening strategies research.

Jean-Marc Dewaele, Zhu Hua
Marilena Paraskeva 2012

Code-switching among London Greek-Cypriots: A study of question-response pairs.

Penelope Gardner-Chloros, Malcolm Edwards

Sky Zheng 2011 Cultural values and the overseas higher education choices by Chinese students.

Li Wei, Zhu Hua

Jui- Hua Chen 2011 Linguistic Manifestations of Aphasia in Taiwanese- Mandarin Bilingual Speakers Marjorie Lorch
Kadri Hein 2011 Sign bilingualism in Estonia Li Wei, Marjorie Lorch
Heather McDowell 2011

The Relationship between Phonological Awareness and Alphabetic Literacy, with Reference to L1 Chinese Users of English


McDowell, H. and Lorch, M. Phonemic awareness in Chinese L1 readers of English: not simply an effect of orthography. TESOL Quarterly, 2008, 42, 495-513.

Marjorie Lorch

Kataryzna Ozanska-Ponikwia


Emotions from a bilingual point of view: Perception and expression of emotions in the L1 and L2


Ozanska-Ponikwia, K. (2013). Emotions from a Bilingual Point of View: Personality and Emotional Intelligence in Relation to Perception and Expression of Emotions in the L1 and L2. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars.

Ozanska-Ponikwia, K. (2012). What has personality and Emotional Intelligence to do with "feeling different" while using a foreign language? International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 15 (2), 217-234.

Ozanska-Ponikwia, K. & Dewaele, J.-M. (2012). Personality and L2 use. The advantage of being openminded and self-confident in an immigration context. Eurosla Yearbook, 12, 112-134.

Jean-Marc Dewaele
Tomoko Nakata-Moussis 2010 Cross-cultural study of social psychological variables in learning English as a second language: Some Japanese and Thai data Itesh Sachdev
Jenny Sia 2010

The metaphorical competence of ANGER for advanced Spanish-English L2 users


Sia, J. & Dewaele, J.-M. (2006) Are you bilingual? Birkbeck Studies in Applied Linguistics, 1, 1-19.

Jean-Marc Dewaele
Alan Bradley 2010 Lexical acquisition in a bilingual setting Marjorie Lorch
Yan Jiang 2010 The development of cross-cultural communicative competence amongst young children. Zhu Hua, Li Wei
Katerina Finnis 2009 Language use and socio-pragmatic meaning: code-switching amongst British-born Greek-Cypriots in London Penelope Gardner-Chloros
May El-Shikhani 2008 Language Testing and Interlanguage: The Case of Lebanese Learners' Interlanguage(s). Jean-Marc Dewaele, Supervisor. Larry Selinker, Jean-Marc Dewaele
Rosemary Wilson 2008

.Another language is another soul.: Individual differences in the presentation of self in a foreign language.


Wilson, R. (2013) Another language is another soul. Language and Intercultural Communication DOI: 10.1080/14708477.2013.804534

Wilson, R. & Dewaele, J.-M. (2010) The use of web questionnaires in second language acquisition and bilingualism research. Second Language Research 26, (1), 103–123.

Jean-Marc Dewaele