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Sharona Moskowitz

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26 Russell Square,
Department of Applied Linguistics and Communication 

Project Title and Abstract

  • Project Title:
  • Student Perceptions of Teacher Emotional Intelligence and Happiness as Determinant Factors in Second Language Acquisition
  • Abstract:
  • Most students have private beliefs and opinions about their foreign language teachers, who often assume the role of facilitator, authority figure, and lead motivator. Not only is the student-teacher relationship mutually involved and reciprocal, it is usually interwoven in complex and dynamic ways. The purpose of this study is to investigate how student perceptions of foreign language teachers might affect learning outcomes in the classroom setting. This study will explore student perceptions of teacher emotional intelligence and happiness and how those perceptions might relate to student self-reported L2 motivation and foreign language classroom enjoyment. A questionnaire will be given consisting of sections about student’s perceptions of teacher’s EI and happiness, as well as the student’s self reported L2 motivation and classroom enjoyment. Additionally, respondents will be asked about the teacher’s classroom behavior, as past research has shown that teachers with a higher level of EI tend to be more enthusiastic and enjoy their students more. Respondents will be adults of intermediate to advanced level English proficiency who are enrolled in a formal ESL class. The anticipated findings are that students who report a higher score for their teacher’s EI and happiness indices will themselves show greater levels of L2 motivation and enjoyment. The aim of this project is threefold: to give students a voice, as they are rarely given a platform to honestly express their opinions of their teachers, to shed light on the complex student-teacher relationship and its potential influence on foreign language acquisition, and to offer practical suggestions for applied use by teachers in the foreign language classroom.


Research Interests

  • Psycholinguistics, multilingualism, emotion and foreign language acquisition