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The principal objectives of CMMR are to:

  • promote research excellence by
    • drawing together, coordinating and enhancing existing and potential areas of national and international excellence
    • fostering the development of a critical mass of outstanding researchers and research groups working across disciplinary and organisational boundaries.
  • enhance research infrastructure by
    • providing a shared strategic management structure and organisational infrastructure for members of the Institute
    • providing shared systems for resource management and allocation that maintain the financial viability of research programmes within the Institute, promote new development, and enable excellence.
  • meet the College.s strategic objectives, by providing a research environment that promotes excellence and thus attracts increased research and third strand income. At the same time, the Institute will provide an intellectual environment significantly more attractive to high calibre staff, home and international postgraduate students and research collaborators.
  • disseminate research results to the wider public to make an impact on the wellbeing of bilingual and multilingual communities and individuals, including influencing social and educational policies and practices concerning them.