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Professor Jean-Marc Dewaele

Professor in Applied Linguistics and Multilingualism
MA French & Spanish, MA European & International Law, MA Eastern European Affairs, PhD in Romance Languages and Literature.

He won the Equality and Diversity Research Award (2013) from the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. and the Robert C. Gardner Award for Excellence in Second Language and Bilingualism Research (2016) from the International Association of Language and Social Psychology (

Special commendation from the Birkbeck Public Engagement and Research Impact committee in the category "Engaged Practice" for the project "Raising awareness about multilingualism in psychotherapy" (2018) with Dr Beverley Costa.

Watch a video of Professor Dewaele discussing swearing in different cultures.

Contact details

Department of Applied Linguistics and Communication
Birkbeck, University of London
26 Russell Square,

Research interests

  • Jean-Marc's teaching and research interests cover a wide range including multilingualism, multiculturalism, and psycholinguistic, sociolinguistic, pragmatic and psychological aspects of second/foreign language acquisition and production.
  • He is specifically interested in individual differences in foreign language acquisition and multilingualism. He has focused on sociolinguistic and sociopragmatic competence and on the communication of emotions in a variety of languages and contexts. He is also investigating Foreign Language Enjoyment and Foreign Language Anxiety in classrooms around the world, and more specifically in the UK and in China.

Research Projects

  • The relationship between multilingualism and personality
  • Multilingualism in psychotherapy
  • Study abroad and second language acquisition
  • Foreign language anxiety & foreign language enjoyment
  • Emotions and multilingualism
  • Emotion recognition in a first and foreign language
  • Attitudes towards foreign accents
  • Ontological, epistemological and methodological issues in applied linguistics


Teaching and supervision


  • He is the former General Editor of the International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism and is the current General Editor of the Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development (Taylor & Francis).

  • He is former President of the European Second Language Association (2007-2011) and the International Association of Multilingualism (2016-2018).



  • He has given plenary addresses at the following international conferences:
  • 6th UNTELE conference (Usages des Nouvelles Technologies dans l'Enseignement des Langues Etrangères) Compiègne, 2005.
  • Language Learning Round Table, Dubrovnik, 2005.
  • Annual conference of The Finnish Association of Applied Linguistics (AFinLA), Turku, 2005.
  • Annual Conference of the Spanish Association of Applied Linguistics. Madrid, 2006.
  • Joint conference of the Irish and British Associations of Applied Linguistics. Cork, 2006.
  • Conference organized by Université Paris X and Stockholm University: Locuteur quasi-natif ou apprenant très avancé : regards croisés de sociolinguistique et d’acquisition, Paris, 2006.
  • II International Conference on Human and Material Resources In Foreign Language Learning, Murcia, 2007.
  • International conference "Les enjeux de la communication interculturelle". Montpellier, 2007.
  • Conference "The nature and development of French", Southampton, 2008.
  • 10) International Conference on Multilingualism, Spain, 2008.
  • International Conference Near-native speakers. Stockholm, 2009.
  • Interdisciplinary workshop "Emotions in Translation: Lost or Found?" CISA - Geneva, 2009.
  • The XXth International Conference on Second Language Acquisition, Szczyrk, Poland, 2009.
  • International conference "What plurilingual & pluricultural pedagogy", Paris, 2010.
  • International workshop "Multilingual Language Development in Educational Contexts?", Hamburg, 2010.
  • Conference “Topics in Applied Linguistics”, Opole, Poland, 2011.
  • International Workshop in honour of Professor Inge Bartning, Stockholm, 2011
  • XXXth Annual Conference of the Spanish Association of Applied Linguistics, Lleida, 2012.
  • Annual Conference of the Association of French Language Studies, Newcastle, 2012.
  • EUROSLA conference, Poznan, 2012.
  • International Conference "Languages-Cultures-Societies: didactical questions?" Paris, 2012.
  • Teaching & Learning (Im)politeness conference, SOAS, London, 2013.
  • Advances in research on social integration and cultural diversity: An interdisciplinary approach. Amsterdam, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2013.
  • 3rd International conference on classroom-oriented research: Reconciling theory and practice, Konin, Poland, 2013.
  • International Symposium on Multilingualism and Cultural Diversity in Education, University of the Basque Country, Vitoria, 2014
  • 9th International Conference on Third Language Acquisition and Trilingualism, Uppsala, Sweden, 2014.
  • International conference "Matters of the Mind – Psychology of Language Learning", Graz, Austria, 2014.
  • International conference "Les sentiments à travers les corpus", Université de Poitiers, France, 2014.
  • International conference "Sociocultural Competence & Language Learning in Multilingual Settings", Free University Brussels, Belgium, 2014.
  • iCog 2 Postgraduate conference: Perspectives on Learning. University of Edinburgh, 2014.
  • Jornada de Investigación Proyecto EMO-FUNDETT at UNED, Madrid, 2015.
  • JALT2015: 41st Annual International Conference on Language Teaching and Learning, Shizuoka, Japan.
  • The Self in Language Learning (SiLL), Cag University, Turkey, 2015.
  • Annual Conference of the British Association of Applied Linguistics, Cambridge, 2016.
  • 25th annual Conference of The Polish Association for the Study of English: Multiculturalism, Multilingualism and the Self, Szczyrk, Poland, 2016.
  • European Conference on Education and Language Learning, Brighton, 2016.
  • International conference "Focus on the learner: Contributions of individual differences to second language learning and teaching", Konin, Poland, 2016.
  • International conference on Language and Emotion, Madrid, 2016.
  • 30th International Conference of the Croatian Applied Linguistics Society, Rijeka, Croatia, 2016
  • International Symposium on Bilingualism 11, Limerick, Ireland, 2017.
  • Conference "Affects et acquisition des langues", Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 2017.
  • Young Researchers Conference of the Centre for Research on Social Interactions, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, 2017.
  • Sustainable Multilingualism, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania, 2017.
  • Conference on Nordic languages as second languages (Nordand 13), Vaasa University, Finland, 2017.
  • Multilingual Education in Linguistically Diverse Contexts, Koper, Slovenia, 2017.
  • Conference AHRC Creative Multilingualism, University of Reading, 2018.
  • Focus on Language: Challenging Language Learning and Language Teaching in Peace and Global Education, University of Freiburg, Germany, 2018.
  • 16th International Conference on Language and Social Psychology, University of Alberta, Canada, 2018.
  • Language Education and Emotions Conference. University of Antwerp, 2018.
  • 20th Annual AULC Conference: Linguistic transitions: towards languages for life. King’s College London, 2019.
  • 3rd International Conference of Innovation and Creativity in Language Education. University of Humanities and Economics, Lodz, Poland, 2019.
  • EAAL annual spring Conference of Applied Linguistics, Tallinn, Estonia, 2019.
  • Cambridge China Education Forum, University of Cambridge, 2019.
  • 7th European Conference on Education (ECE), University of London, 2019.
  • ÖGSD Young Researchers’ Conference, University of Innsbrück, 2019.
  • European Commission, Brussels, to celebrate the European day of languages on 26 September 2019.
  • Colloque ICODOC: « Émotion, empathie, affectivité. Les sujets et leur subjectivité à travers les pratiques langagières et éducatives ». Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, 2019.
  • The 2nd International Conference on Multilingualism, Ibn Zohr University, Morocco, 2019.
  • Interdisciplinary Symposium: External and Internal Variables Affecting (Language) Learning Processes. Hildesheim University 2020.
  • The interface of emotion and cognition in language learning and use (L1, L2, Lx), University of Essex, UK, 2020.
  • Swiss Group of International Schools Annual Conference, Institut Florimont, Genève, Switzerland, 2020.
  • Psychology of Language Learning conference (PLL4), Cap Breton University, Canada, 2020.
  • 8th European Conference on Education (ECE), University of London, 2020.

Visiting Professorships

  • Ontario Institute for Studies in Education 2001.
  • Applied Linguistics Summer Institute, Penn State University 2005.
  • Universidad de Barcelona 2007.
  • Universidad Jaume 1, Castellon 2010 and 2013.
  • Stockholm University 2014.
  • Center for Multilingualism, University of Oslo 2015.
  • Beijing Institute of Technology 2015.
  • Tilburg University (LOT Winter school) 2016.
  • University of Toronto 2018.
  • University of Malta (International doctoral summer school) 2018.
  • University of Innsbruck (BritInn Fellow), 2019.