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Collective blog from the Birkbeck delegation.

03 October 2017

Innovations and Epistemological Challenges in Applied Linguistics.

28 September 2017

Professor Jean-Marc Dewaele and his daughter, Livia Dewaele, win the award for best 2017 paper in the new Journal of the European Second Language Association.

05 September 2017

Written by PhD student, Virginia Grover.

12 July 2017


07 July 2017

Written by PhD Students Louise Rolland, Xuemei Chen, Alessandra Panicacci, Elena Dey, Hannah King, Pernelle Lorette and Sharona Moskowitz.

04 July 2017

Professor Lorch collaborates on a creative/academic project

04 July 2017

Effects of Sound, Vocabulary, and Grammar Learning Aptitude on Adult Second Language Speech Attainment in Foreign Language Classrooms

04 July 2017

Professor Lorch presents paper.

27 June 2017

European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing (EATAW).

27 June 2017