Project libloil

Welcome to Project LibLOIL (Library Learning Objects for Information Literacy). Birkbeck Library is developing 'information literacy' skills through a technology called 'learning objects'. To learn more read-on or go to our multimedia learning sandbox to expereince learning objects for yourself LEARN NOW! , or click on your subject below to be taken to subject specific learning objects:

Information Literacy

Information Literacy Definition: "To be information literate, a person must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information (ALA, 1989).

Learning Objects

Learning objects are the medium by which Birkbeck Library delivers information literacy skills. Learning Object Definition: " Any entity, digital or non-digital, that can be used, re-used or referenced during technology-supported learning" (IEEE/LTSC, 2004). Learn more about learning objects here:

Digital Repository = Digital LIbrary

A Digital Repository is where you store any digital object (a digital object library), including learning objects. A repository helps securely preserve and assure a central place for all digital objects, so the learner/teacher can come back at any time to reuse and search for resources. But don't take my -text based- word, learn more here: