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What is Research Data?

Research Data is what supports your research. It may be spreadsheets, interviews, images, samples, videos, computer code... or just about anything else!  

Research Data is the role something plays in your research. It's what you collect/gather/reuse, and then analyse, before presenting your findings. I can take almost any form, physical or digital.

Research Data Management isn't just compliance - it's about good research practice, looking after your data and your participants, ensuring you can get the most from your research, and share it as widely as possible.   



As part of our commitment to comply with funder policy relating to data, we have created a research data repository. The repository acts and feels very similar to BIROn, however the workflows and storage have been specifically designed to accommodate research data.

The Birkbeck Research Data repository (BiRD) is now live:



All members of Birkbeck College staff have access to the social network Yammer.

  • Visit to sign up.
  • Once you have signed up with your address, search for Research Data management in the box on the left, click on the group, and then join!
  • We’ll be able to discuss how we manage data, and share our stories there.


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