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Library visits by department 2016-17

The two charts below show the number of visits made to the library by students in each department between August 2016 and the end of June 2017. The top chart shows undergraduates and the one below shows postgraduates. 

When looking at figures like this it is important to remember that some departments are much larger than others, and some subject areas may not visit the physical library as much because the types of material they need is provided electronically. 

UG total entries

PG total entries


The charts below take a closer look at a few departments and show how the number of visits to the library changes throughout the year. In all charts, the red line is the total number of library visits by students in the department and the blue line is the number of individual people.

You can see in all the charts that the number of visits is much higher than the number of people. This means that people are returning to the library many times.

These departments were chosen because they represent high, medium and low use of the physical library.


Management UG

 Management PG


Economics, Mathematics and Statistics UG

 Economics, Mathematics and Statistics PG


Law UG

Law PG


Film, Media and Cultural studies UG

 Film, Media and Cultural studies PG


Criminology UG

Criminology PG


Earth and Planetary Sciences UG

 Earth and Planetary Sciences PG


If there are any statistics you would like to see, please let us know