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Inter-Library Loan requests 2016/17

The Library recently bought a new system to manage inter-library loan requests. Library users can now place requests, request renewals and check the status of their orders online. 

Here's a brief summery of how it has been used so far. The statistics cover the 2016/17 academic year.

This first chart shows the total number of requests that we supplied for each department.

Filled Requests


The chart below shows what type of material departments have been requesting. The books column shows the number of physical books we borrowed from other libraries, and the articles column is everything else. 

Ill books and articles chart

 This chart compares the total number of books and articles that have been requested.

Ill Pie chart


Many research articles are legally available for free, so it's always worth checking before you make a request. The Open Access Button is an easy way to do this. In the last year, we received just over 60 inter-library loan requests that were available through open access.

More information about our Inter-library loan service and how to use it, is available here.

If there are any statistics you would like to see, please let us know