Discover statistics 2016/17

Discover is a quick an easy way for you to find chapters, articles, abstracts etc. on your topic. You can access it by clicking on the "Discover(Articles & more)" tab on the library catalogue, or go there directly from this link: or click on the Discover button below.

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The charts below give a bit of information about how Birkbeck students are using Discover. All data is from August 2016 to the end of February 2017. 

This first chart shows the total number of times students in each department have accessed Discover. The blue section of each bar represents Postgraduate students and the red section shows undergraduates.



This chart is the same as the one above but shows how many individuals in each department have used Discover. For example, from the chart below you can see that just over 700 Management students have used Discover, and from the top chart you can see that they have made around 6,500 searches between them. 



The two charts below are the same as the first two but show Schools rather than departments. As above, blue is postgraduate and red is undergraduate.

Total searches:


Number of individuals:



The next chart shows the use of Discover as a percent, broken down by department. For example, almost 14% of all student searches on Discover are made by Management students. It's important to remember that the different departments have different numbers of students. This means that smaller departments are less likely to feature highly in the chart below. 



This chart gives a more representative view than the one above. The blue bars show the number of students in the department and the orange ones show how many have used Discover. 



Below is the same information presented slightly differently. It shows the percent of students in each department who have used Discover this academic year. 



You can see some Discover statistics from last year here

If there are any statistics you would like to see, please let us know