Oxford Handbooks Online (OHO)


What does it cover?

  • Collection of 9 handbooks covering subject area: Archaeology
  • Collection of 111 handbooks, covering subject areas: Business & Management and Economics & Finance
  • Collection of 16 handbooks, covering subject area: Classical Studies
  • Collection of 30 handbooks, covering subject areas: Law and Criminology & Criminal Justice
  • Collection of 128 handbooks covering subject area: Psychology
  • Each handbook contains peer-reviewed articles by world-leading scholars, overseen by an editor-in chief
  • Advances original conception of the field, and provides a survey of the current state of scholarly debate, together with argument about the future direction of research
  • Equivalent print publication date coverage for Law handbooks is:  Jan 2004 - Oct 2015, and for Criminology handbooks it is: Aug 2011- May 2016
  • Content searchable at article (chapter) level
  • Staff can link to individual books or chapters
  • Chapters can be downloaded as PDF documents

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