Accessible formats.

If you prefer text to be read aloud from the screen, you may need to convert your online reading material into a format that will work with text-to-speech software. Scanned, image-only PDFs will not work with text-to-speech software and need to be converted into formats like Microsoft Word or readable PDFs.

Use ClaroRead in the Library or IT Workstations to convert material yourself, or upload a pdf file to our conversion tool, Sensus Access, below.

Convert a document into an accessible format.

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You can make an accessible copy if you own the copyright (eg, it's your own work), you have permission from the copyright holder, if the copyright has expired, or if you or the person you are making the copy for have a print disability.

By making a copy here you agree that:

Convert a document from an inaccessible format (like an image PDF) into an MP3, Braille, e-Book or accessible text by using Sensus Access below.

Sensus Access.

If you have any problems using Sensus Access, make sure you have clicked to accept cookies in your browser as it may not work unless you have done this.

Ask the Library to convert reading material for you.

Accessible textbooks from publishers.

We can request full text books in formats compatible with text-to-speech software. We request these from publishers or RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind) Bookshare.

If you would like to use RNIB Bookshare yourself so you can browse the range of texts available, please contact us at .

  • The Library must hold a print or e-book copy of the text before we can request an accessible version from a publisher.

  • We cannot normally request books published before 2000.

  • We cannot guarantee that we will always be able to get you the books you request as we are reliant on publishers to provide this service.

Contact us at or phone 020 7631 6491 if you would like one-to-one training on the use of text-to-speech software, scanning and converting reading material into accessible formats.


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