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November 2016

Please install a wheelchair height self-service machine and catalogue!

We're not sure whether you know that we have a library catalogue computer on an adjustable table on the first floor near the Help Desk? However, we appreciate that you should also be able to use the self-service kiosks and we will look into what the manufacturers offer. The ideal solution would be a kiosk that is adjustable, so that it can be used by all students. In the meantime, don't hesitate to ask one of our staff to help you even in 'self service' hours.

November 2016

Most of the study areas are far too cold. I usually have to sit with my coat and scarf on as there is freezing cold air blowing out of the vents up above. The warmest area in the library has now been turned into a group study area and is no longer suitable for quiet study. Please can this be addressed urgently as studying at home is not always an option.

We're in touch with Birkbeck's Estates department on a regular basis and have forwarded other student complaints to them about the temperature in the library. They recently found a fault which would explain why Level 2 in particular has been so cold, and they will be sorting out this problem quickly. We agree with you that the library’s environment is essential to the success of your studies.

October 2016

Now the old Reading Room has been converted into a group study area there is no adequate provision for silent study in the Library. Nothing has changed in the new "silent study area" on floors 3 and 4, and the seating is uncomfortable and too close together!

We do recognise that there is a need to improve our silent study provision. We have plans to create more space on the fourth floor of the Library and introduce more varied seating options which give greater privacy. We are hopeful that this will happen next summer.

October 2016

Why are the printers down again??

There have been intermittent connection problems with our printers in the past few days and we appreciate that this is very frustrating. However, after working closely with ITS, we are now confident that the underlying issue has been resolved.

October 2016

The library is too noisy!

The library does tend to be noisier at the start of term. We are now able to direct students who wish to work together to our new group study area on the first floor, and the third and four floors should be silent and include a laptop-free area.

September 2016

Why is there only one scanner in the library?

We have now enabled all the printers in the library to scan. There is no charge but you need to have some credit in your print account.

September 2016

I've paid for a day pass. Why can't I have access to the wifi?

Visitors can now access our wifi network and library staff can talk you through how to do this.

August 2016

I'm a Stratford-based student and the only PCs I can use in UEL Library are ones on their noisy ground floor.

We asked UEL to move some of the dual log on PCs (which can be used by Birkbeck students) to a quiet area on the next floor up, and this has now been done.

July 2016

Why can't I borrow more books?

Undergraduate students can now borrow 15 items (rather than 10) and postgraduate students can borrow 20 (up from 15). This is to bring our allowances into line with other institutions.

July 2016

My Senate House Library membership expires in June but I'm still studying!

We've spoken to Senate House and changed the policy. If your membership has already expired you can print a new eligibility form from your MyBirkbeck account; if you present this at Senate House they will extend your library card. All Senate House memberships for 2016-17 will run to 30 September 2017.

May 2016

Why do I have to print and fill out a copyright form every time I make an interlibrary loan request?

On 1 June we introduced a new interlibrary loan service which is paperless - and free.

May 2016

The library turnstile doesn't always read my card when I swipe it!

We've reconfigured our access gate so that you can now simply 'touch in' with your Birkbeck ID card.

April 2016

The PC with a scanner takes too long to start.

We’ve asked IT Services to replace the PC. Meanwhile we have extended the booking time limit from 15 to 30 minutes to allow more time to scan documents.

March 2016

Why can't I bring coffee into the Library?

Following the recent survey of students we have relaxed our rules to allow any drinks (except alcohol).

March 2016

I have a disability which makes it hard for me to bring books back on time.

We've taken the decision to no longer fine students with disabilities if they have overdue books.

March 2016

Why can't I borrow a book when I forget my ID card?

Birkbeck students and staff can now borrow books as long as they have obtained a day pass from the kiosk at the entrance and can show other valid ID.