“Thought has been constantly evolving and we can't say when that system began.”

David Bohm

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Section B - Drafts, Publications And Lectures

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B.1 – B.63  DRAFTS BY BOHM (see also B.83 - B.115 Supplementary Catalogue and B.193 - B.262 Second Supplementary Catalogue below)

    • B.1 'Space, time and quantum theory', lecture draft, not dated but probably related to 'Space,Time and the Quantum Theory understood in terms of discrete process', Proceedings of the International Conference on Elementary Particles, Kyoto, Japan (1965) Manuscript draft paginated 1-20, possibly incomplete.
    • B.2 'Space-Time - Leading up to relativity', lecture draft, not dated but possibly related to preceding. Manuscript draft paginated 1-27.
    • B.3, B.4 'Time in Relativistic Quantum Theory', lecture draft, not dated but related to preceding. Manuscript draft paginated 1-34. 2 folders.
    • B.5 – B.9   'Collective treatment of liquid helium' with B. Salt, submitted for publication to the Physical Review 1966.
      • B.5 Letter from editor, 8 December 1966, enclosing referee's comments.
      • B.6, B.7 Manuscript and typescript draft with extensive corrections. 2 folders.
      • B.8 Incomplete typescript draft, paginated 4-39.
      • B.9 References; figures.
    • B.10 – B.15 'Fragmentation & Wholeness in Science & Society'. Contents of folder so inscribed
      • B.10, B.11 Talk on knowledge, Santa Monica, 1981 37pp typescript 'transcript'. 2 folders.
      • B.12 'Existing knowledge cannot meet the challenge', 'based on a talk given in Santa Monica [...] 1981'. 9pp typescript.
      • B.13 'Fragmentation and Wholeness in Science and Society', Seminar sponsored by the Science Council of Canada, Ottawa, 10 May 1983. Bound Report.
      • B.14 'Religion as Wholeness and the problem of Fragmentation', 'based on a talk given at St James Church, Piccadilly, London, September 1983'. 13pp typescript.
      • B.15 'The Implicate Order, Consciousness and Religion', 'based on a talk given at the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, Berkeley. California', nd. 20pp typescript.
    • B.16 'Soma-significance: a new notion of the relationship between the physical and the mental'. 44pp typescript 'Corrected version -1.5.84'.
    • B.17 'Somasignificance: a notion of the unity of the nature of life', with J.L Hancke, ca.1984. 32pp typescript.
    • B.18 'The deeper structure of thought and corresponding neurophysical processes as major source of conflict', November 1987. 17pp typescript.
    • B.19 'An ontological foundation for the quantum theory', ca.1987 24pp typescript + transparencies for figures.
    • B.20 – B.24 'Bohm: various articles on Dialogue/& connected'. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into five for ease of reference.
      • B.20 'The discipline of team learning', latest bibliographical reference 1987. Typescript and manuscript draft. The typescript draft was sent to Bohm for comment and assistance, and there are many manuscript additions by him.
      • B.21 'MIT dialogue 1013189' 59pp typescript.
      • B.22 'On dialogue'. 8pp typescript. See B.76 below. 'Addendum to "Dialogue on Science, Society, and the Generative Order"', with S. Kelly. 11pp typescript.
      • B.23, B.24 Untitled ?transcript of talk on Dialogue, not dated. 43pp typescript. 2 folders.
    • B.25-B.30 'Bohm & Peat Order In-between'. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into six for ease of reference. Typescript drafts and notes for planned book and background material found therewith.
      • B.25 Two different versions of 'Notes at the Bailey Farms October 1988' Both 19pp.
      • B.26 Two slightly different versions of Peat's 'Notes with David Bohm October 1989'. 5pp and 14pp.
      • B.27 'Bohm-Peat notes. October 1990 for the book "The Order Between and Beyond" '. 4pp
      • B.28 'The Order Between. A book proposal by David Bohm and F. David Peat'. 13pp 'Uncorrected draft'.
      • B.29 'Science for Understanding People, Culture, Universe and Struggle', author unidentified, Native Science Conference, 9-12 July 1989. 18pp typescript
      • B.30 Typescript papers by F.D. Peat: 'Gentle Action for a Harmonious World', 8pp; 'A science of harmony and gentle action', 13pp.
    • B.31 'Notes on General Theory of Thought', revised 17 November 1989. 9pp typescript outline for book.
    • B.32-B.34 Untitled work beginning 'This book deals with a crisis that humanity is facing'.
    • B.35 'Science and spirituality: the need for a change in culture', talk 'based on a lecture given at the Fetzer Institute on 23 October 1990' 12pp typescript.
    • B.36-B.38 'P. Pylkkanen & Bohm'. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: typescript papers by Pylkkanen and Bohm.
      • B.36 'Outline of a paper on cognitive science', 1991. 14pp with manuscript corrections.
      • B.37 'Cognition as a movement towards coherence', 12 April 1991 16pp.
      • B. 38 Incomplete later draft of 'Cognition as a movement towards coherence' 23pp, paginated 9-31.
    • B.39, B.40 'Dialogue: a proposal', with D. Factor and P. Garrett, 1991.
      • B.39 'Revision, March 9, 1992' 15pp typescript.
      • B.40 Later version. 17pp typescript.
    • B.41 'Science, Spirituality and the Present World Crisis'. This lecture was given at the 12th International Transpersonal Conference on 'Science, Spirituality and the Global Crisis: Toward a World with a Future', Prague, 20-25 June 1992. Two 1p typescript ?abstracts; annotated conference programme.
    • B.42 'The Undivided Universe: an ontological interpretation of quantum theory', with B.J. Hiley. (Published by Routledge, London, 1993). See also B.81. Bound typescript draft.
    • B.43 'Creativity in Art and Science', talk at 'U.C. Santa Barbara', not dated, 2pp manuscript + transparencies.
    • B.44 'On the failure of communication between Bohr and Einstein', with D.L. Schumacher, nd. 8pp typescript. 'The Post-Modem Physics and the Post-Modem World', not dated. 5pp typescript. 'Post-Modern Science as involving questions of meaning and value', not dated 3pp typescript.
    • B.45 - B.61 Undated photocopied typescript and manuscript drafts found together and inscribed 'Copyright D.Bohm.












B.64 – B.69 DRAFTS BY F. D. PEAT

  • Material found in a folder inscribed 'D. Peat (Various notes on physics etc)'. It comprises typescript and manuscript notes drafts dating 1980-1982. Bohm and Peat were collaborators in research on quantum mechanics and the drafts contain references to Bohm's work.
    • B.64 Manuscript notes on 'The 'Great Work" revisited', 31 January 1980; typescript and manuscript 'Research Report D. Peat 5 Feb 1980'.
    • B.65 Manuscript notes 8, 9 August 1981 and some not dated.
    • B.66 Manuscript and typescript notes, 1 September and 18 October 1981; manuscript notes, not dated.
    • B.67 Typescript notes on 'Discussion Nov 1981', with manuscript addition 22 February 1982; 5pp typescript 'Analysis of previous papers', November 1981; 1p 'Some November notes'.
    • B.68 9pp typescript 'Paper on Structure and Space-time', not dated; untitled 5pp typescript draft on quantum theory, not dated; 4pp typescript 'Introduction' on problems of physics, not dated.
    • B.69 Miscellaneous undated manuscript and typescript notes and pages of drafts.


  • B.70 'Compara~20 entre a Fisica no Brazil e nos Estados Unidos', Notas de Matemdtica e Fisica 1 (1 953), 1 1-28 (In Portuguese)
  • B.71 'Proof that Probability Density Approaches [Ψ]2 in Causal Interpretation of the Quantum Theory', New Research Techniques in Physics (Rio de Janeiro,1954), 187-198.
    'Causal Explanation of Probability Distributions in Classical Statistical Mechanics', idem, 21 9-220.
  • B.72, B.73 Publications arising from Kettering Foundation Symposium on 'Knowledge, Education, and Human Values: Toward the Recovery of Wholeness', 17-20 June 1980, Woodstock, Vermont.
    • B.72 'Insight, Knowledge, Science, and Human Values', Teachers College Record 82 (1981), 380-402.
    • B.73 Symposium Report.
  • B.74 'Imagined Worlds: visions of theoretical physics', book review of Imagery in Scientific Thought: Creating 20th Century Physics by A.I. Miller, Nature 314 (1 985).
  • B.75 'A new theory of the relationship of mind and matter', Philosophical Psychology 3 (1990), 271-286.
  • B.76 'On Dialogue', Noetic Sciences Review 23 (1992), 16-18, republished as 'For Truth try Dialogue', Resurgence 156 (1993), 10-13. See also B.21 above.
  • B.77 'A brief introduction to the work of Krishnamurti', Krishnamurti Foundation of America leaflet (Ojai, California). Not dated.


  • Reviews by others of books by Bohm.
    • B.78 The Special Theory of Relativity (Massachusetts. 1 966)
    • B.79 Wholeness and the Implicate Order (Boston, Massachusetts, 1980).
    • B.80 Science, Order and Creativity, with F.D. Peat (New York, 1987; London, 1989).
    • B.81 The Undivided Universe: an ontological interpretation of quantum theory, with B.J. Hiley, (London, 1993). See also B.42.
    • B.82 Thought as a System (London, 1994).


B.83 - B.192  (1951 - 1998)

The material in this section forms a very significant addition to that presented in the original catalogue. In particular it offers important documentation of Bohm's published output.

B.83 - B.115 DRAFTS BY BOHM (1951 – 1987, some not dated)

B.116 - B.188 PUBLISHED WORK (1951 - 1998)

    • B.116 With D. Pines, 'A collective description of electron interactions. I. Magnetic interactions', Phys. Rev., 8 (1951 ), 625-634 Photocopy.
    • B.117 With D. Pines, 'A collective description of electron  interactions. 11. Collective vs individual particle aspects of the interactions', Phys. Rev., 85 (1952), 338-353 1952 Photocopy.
    • B.118 'A suggested interpretation of the quantum theory in terms of hidden variables', 11, Phys. Rev., 85 (1952), 180-193 1952 Offprint.
    • B.119 With D. Pines, 'A collective description of electron interactions. Ill. Coulomb interactions in a degenerate electron gas', Phys. Rev., 92 (1953), 609-625 1953 Photocopy.
    • B.120 With J.P. Vigier, 'Model of the causal interpretation of quantum theory in terms of a fluid with irregular fluctuations', Phys. Rev. 96 (1954), 208-216. 1954 Offprint.
    • B.121 'Space-time geometry as an abstraction from "Spinor" ordering'. Not listed in bibliographies, latest bibliographical reference 1955 Photocopy proof.
    • B.122 - B.139 Causality and Chance in Modern Physics. London, Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1957, new edition 1984. 1957, 1984
      • B.122 - B.138 Photocopy of typescript draft with manuscript corrections 1957 17 folders.
      • B.139 Preface for 1984 edition 5pp typescript.
    • B.140 'A proposed explanation of quantum theory in terms of hidden variables at a sub-quantum-mechanical level', 1957 Proceedings of the Ninth Symposium of the Colston Research Society held in the University of Bristol, April 1st-April 4th, 1957 Offprint.
    • B.141 With Y. Aharonov, 'Significance of electromagnetic potentials in the quantum theory', Phys. Rev., 11 5 (1959), 485-491 Offprint.
    • B.142 'On the relationship between methodology in scientific research and the content of scientific knowledge', British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 12 (1961 ), 103-116 Photocopy. 1961
    • B.143 'Classical and non-classical concepts in the quantum theory', British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 12 (1962), 265-280 Offprint.
    • B.144 'Hidden variables in quantum theory', part III of Radiation and High Energy Physics, ed. D.R. Bates, Academic Press, 1962. Offprint.
    • B.145 'Basic dyads in contemporary physics', Systematics 1 (1963), 188-202 Copy of issue of Systematics.
    • B.146 With G. Carmi, 'Separation of motions of many-body systems into dynamically independent parts by projection onto equilibrium varieties in phase space I and II, Phys. Rev., 133 (1964), A319-A350 Offprints.
    • B.147 'On the problem of truth and understanding in science', in ed. M. Bunge The Critical Approach to Science and Philosophy, (1964), 212-223. Not listed in bibliographies. 1964. Photocopy
    • B.148 'Problems in the basic concepts of physics', published in commemoration volume to Satyendranath Bose, Calcutta (1964). Article found torn from original volume. This is a different version of Bohm's inaugural lecture of 1963 (see A.124 in the original catalogue).
    • B.149 'Space, time and the quantum theory understood in terms of discrete structural process', Proc. of the Int. Conf on Elementary Particles, Kyoto, Japan, 1965, 252-286 Offprint. This is the published version of the draft at B.1 of the original catalogue.
    • B.150 'A proposed topological formulation of the quantum theory', in ed. I.J. Good, The Scientist Speculates, New York, 1965. 302-314 12pp typescript draft; offprint.
    • B.151 With J. Bub, 'A proposed solution of the measurement problem in quantum mechanics by a hidden variable theory, Rev. Mod. Phys., 38 (1966), 435-469, and with J. Bub, 'On refutation of the proof by Jauch and Piron that hidden variables can be excluded in quantum mechanics', Rev. Mod. Phys., 38 (1966), 470-475. Offprints
    • B.152 With B. Salt, 'Collective treatment of liquid helium', Rev.Mod. Phys., 39 (1967), 894-910. Not listed in bibliographies.Offprint. This is the published version of the draft at B.5-B.9 of the original catalogue.
    • B.153 'On Creativity', Leonardo 1 (1 68), 137-149 Offprint.
    • B.154 '"Hidden Variable" theories as a step towards a new language structure for physics', Contemporary Physics II (1969), International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna 1969. 13pp duplicated typescript; offprint.
    • B.155 'Fragmentation in science and in society', Impact of Science on Society 20 (1970), 159-169 1970 13pp duplicated typescript; offprint.
    • B.156 'Some remarks on the notion of order and further remarks on order', in ed. C.H. Waddington, Towards a Theoretical Biology, vol. 2, Chicago (1 970), 18-59. 1970. Photocopy.
    • B.157 'On the role of hidden variables in the fundamental structure of physics, in ed. T. Bastin, Quantum Theory and Beyond, Cambridge, 1971, 95-116. 1971. Duplicated typescript paginated 32-79 + references. Duplicated typescript paginated 32-79 + references.
    • B.158 'Quantum theory as an indication of a new order in physics. Part A. The development of new orders as shown through the history of physics', Foundations of Physics 1 (1971), 359-371, and 'Part B. Implicate and explicate order in physical law', Foundations of Physics 3 (1973), 139-168. 1971, 1973 Offprints.
    • B.159 'Indication of a new order in physics', in ed. T. Shanin, The Rules of the Game, London, 1972, 249-275 1972 Copy of article.
    • B. 159A 'On the subjectivity and objectivity of knowledge', in ed. J. Lewis, Beyond Chance and Necessity, 1974, 121-130 Photocopy.
    • B.160 With B.J. Hiley, 'On intuitive understanding of nonlocality as implied by quantum theory', Foundations of Physics 5 (1975), 93-109 Photocopy.
    • B.161 'On creation of a deeper insight into what may underlie quantum physical law', in eds. M. Flato et al, Quantum Mechanics, Determinism, Casuality and Particles, Dordrecht, 1976, 1-10. Offprint.
    • B.162 'Imagination, fancy, insight and reason in the process of thought', in ed. S. Sugerman, Evolution of Consciousness. Studies in Polarity in honour of Owen Barfield, Middletown, CT, 1976. 24pp duplicated typescript.
    • B.163 'The implicate or enfolded order: a new order for physics', in ed. D.R. Griffin and J.B. Cobb, Mind in Nature: Essays on the Interface of Science and Philosophy, Washington D.C., 1977, 37-42 Copy of Mind in Nature.
    • B.164 'Heisenberg's contribution to physics', in eds. W.C. Price and S.S. Chissick, The Uncertainty Principle and Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, London, 1977 Offprint.
    • 'On insight and its significance for science, education, and values,

Teachers' College Record

    80, February 1979, 403-418 Offprint.
  • B.166 - B.169 Wholeness and the Implicate Order, London, 1980 and 1994
    • B.166 – B.168 Typescript draft of chapter 7 (final chapter), 'The enfolding- unfolding universe and consciousness' 1980 3 folders.
    • B.169 Book review, author not identified 5pp photocopy typescript. Folder also contains request for copyright permission to publish Chinese version, 1994. This differs from that at B.79 of the original catalogue.
  • B.170 With B.J. Hiley, 'The de Broglie pilot wave theory and the further development of new insights arising out of it', Foundations of Physics 12 (1982), 1001-1016. Offprint
  • B.171 'Response to Schindler's critique of my Wholeness and the Implicate Order', Int. Phil. Quarterly 22 (1982), 329-339 Offprint. See also B.100, C.101 - C.104.
  • B.172 'Religion as wholeness and the problem of fragmentation', Centre Space Occasional Paper no.2 (January 1984) Offprint.
  • B.173 'Fragmentation and wholeness in religion and in science', Zygon 20 (1985) Proof copy.
  • B.174 'Hidden variables and the implicate order', Zygon 20 1985(1985), 111-124 Proof copy; offprint.
  • B.175 'Response to Conference papers on "David Bohm's Implicate Order: physics, philosophy, and theology"', Zygon 20 (1985), 219-220 3pp typescript; photocopy. 1985
  • B.176 'Time, the implicate order and pre-space', in ed. D.R. Griffen, Physics and the Ultimate Significance of Time. New York, 1986, 172-208
  • B.177 'The implicate order: a new approach to the nature of reality' in ed. D.L. Schindler, Beyond Mechanism: the Universe in Recent Physics and Catholic Thought, Lantham, MD, 1986, 13-37
  • B.179 'An ontological foundation for the quantum theory' 21 pp typescript draft. This is a corrected version of B.19 in the original catalogue.
  • B.180, B.181 With B.J. Hiley, 'An ontological foundation for the quantum theory. I. Non-relativistic particle systems', Physics Reports 144 (1987), 323-348, and with B.J. Hiley and P.N.Kaloyerou, 'II. A causal interpretation of quantum fields', Physics Reports 144 (1987), 349-375. Photocopy 2 folders.
  • B.182 With B.J. Hiley, 'Nonlocality and the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen experiment as understood through the quantum-potential approach', in ed. F. Selleri, Quantum Mechanics versus Local Realism, Chicago, 1988, 235-255 Offprint.
  • B.183 'A realist view of quantum theory', in ed. A. van der Merwe et al, Microphysical Reality and Quantum Formalism, Dordrecht, 1988, 3-18 Offprint.
  • B.184 With B.J. Hiley, 'Non-locality and locality in the stochastic interpretation of quantum mechanics', Physics Reports 172 (1989), 93-122. Not listed in bibliographies. Photocopy
  • B.185 'A new theory of the relationship of mind and matter, Phil. Psych. 3 (1990), 271-286. 31pp typescript + references. This is a typescript draft of paper at B.75 of the original catalogue.
  • B.186 22pp typescript. 1983.
  • B.187 Photocopy of published article. 1998.
  • B.188 Photocopies of book reviews of Bohm's work: On Creativity, Causality and Chance 9th Edition, The Undivided Universe

B.189 – B.191 REVIEWS  (ca. 1983, 1984, some not dated)

  • B.189 Book review of 'Paul Davies: GOD AND THE NEW PHYSICS' ca 1983. 7pp typescript.
  • B.190 'Comments on "Is the Einstein Podolsky Rosen Paradox demanded by quantum theory" ' by O. Piccioni 1984. 5pp typescript; copies of letters.
  • B.191 'Comments on Creation out of Everything by David and Marjorie Haight' Not dated. 2pp typescript.

B.192 MEETINGS (1971, 1979)

  • Notices for meetings at which Bohm was to be a speaker:
    • B.192 'An inquiry into the implication of laser holography', Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 1 July 1971; Sufi Order colloquium on Coevolution of Science and Spirit, New York, USA, 13-14 October 1979.


The material presented here is chiefly manuscript drafts on aspects of nuclear physics by Bohm. The material may have been assembled by him for his lectures in physics as assistant professor at Princeton University and/or in drafting his 1951 book Quantum Theory. (late 1940s, 1954,1995, some not dated.)