The David Bohm Papers




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  • C.1
    Aharonov, Y.
    ca.1961. Aharonov was Bohm's research student at Bristol University in the late 1950s. They discovered the `'Aharonov-Bohm effect', the first demonstration of how a vacuum could produce striking physical effects. Letter from Aharonov re current research.
  • C.2
    Bakhshov, N.
    1989. Letter to Bohm re idea of meaning.
    Barfield, O.
    1988. Correspondence re Bohm's book Science, Order and Creativity (1987).
  • C.3
    Beck, G.
    1952-1953. Photocopies of correspondence from Bohm to Beck re visits, research     and Bohm's position at the University of Sao Paulo. Folder also includes list of the letters and note of location of originals. Material received from Dr Olival Freire Jr. The originals are deposited in the Guido Beck Archive, Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • C.4
    Berman, M.
    1984,1989. Letter to Bohm 1984 re his paper on 'soma-significance' (see 6.16, 6.17); 1989 correspondence re Berman's article The Cybernetic Dream of the Twenty-first Century; and letter to Bohm 1989 re idea of 'embodiment'.
    Blake, A.
    1964. Letter to Bohm re analysis of painting.
  • C.5
    Brendel, V.
    1986. Letter re Bohm's visit to Israel.
    J. 1991. Letter re Bohm's depression.
    R.L. 1962. Note on 'Causality & Chance in Modem Physics. D. Bohm 1/3/62'.
  • C.6
    L. de 1952,1953. Photocopies of letters from de Broglie on Bohm's ideas on quantum mechanics (in French).
  • C.7
    Buckley, P.
    1991. Letter re Bohm's depression.
    G. 1988. Invitation to and correspondence re conference in Bermuda, April 1988.
  • C.8
    S. A. 1965-1967. Colgate was President of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology where G. R. Lomanitz, Bohm's colleague from the Berkeley Radiation Laboratory in the late 1940s, was subsequently employed. Photocopies of correspondence re Bohm's possible return to the US.
  • C.9
    Cowen, R. D.
    1987. Letter to Bohm re 'meditative experiment'
    ?Dinggauo, H.
    1987. Letter to Bohm re his visit to China.
    A. C. 1990
  • C.10 – C.16
    Einstein, A.
    ca.1950-1954, 1965, 1985.
    In 1951 Bohm sent a copy of his first book Quantum Theory to Einstein, among other leading scientists. Einstein thought highly of the book and they began a correspondence. After Bohm's difficulties with the House Committee on Un-American Activities and his subsequent move to Brazil, Einstein sent his advice and provided letters of recommendation.
    The material is photocopies of correspondence between Bohm and Einstein. The bulk of the letters are a numbered sequence 1-22. Number 16, which was lacking, was supplied by Dr Freire. Some of the letters are in German with an English translation also provided.
    Originals are in the Einstein Archive, Jewish National & University Library, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
    ca.1950-1951. Letters from Bohm re his interpretation of quantum phenomena.
    1951-1952. References and letters of support for Bohm; passport difficulties; work on quantum theory.
    1953. February. Correspondence re Bohm's response to article by Einstein for Festschrift for M. Born. Bohm differed from Einstein in his understanding of Born's theory of quantum mechanics.
    1953. March, April. Born Festschrift.
    4 1954. January -June. Includes Einstein's advice on where Bohm should seek employment.
    1954. October, November. Includes exchange of views on quantum theory, Einstein expressing his belief in the logical simplicity of physical laws.
    1965. Incomplete letter to Bohm from unidentified correspondent re Einstein's views on the Michelson-Morley experiments, with copy of letter from Einstein to F.C. Davenport, 9 February 1954. 1985. Letter to Bohm from H.M. Loewy re reproducing Einstein correspondence.
  • C.17
    Elkana, Y.
    1985-1987. Invitations to visit Israel.
  • C.18
  • Garrett, P. 1987. Typescript draft on Dialogue by Garrett.
    Gilbert, D
    1985. Letter to Bohm arising from his Dialogues.
  • C.19
    Globus, G. G.
    1983. Includes draft of 'Beating about the bushes of the holonomic paradigm' by Globus, sent to Bohm for comment.
  • C.20
    J. ca.1983. Re Gyr's drafts of 'Proposals about a mathematical hierarchy of certain autopoietic forms and static special-cases thereof as a means of studying "Schizophrenic-type" development'.
  • C.21
    Harrison, W. A. 1959
    . Letter to Bohm re electromagnetic potentials.
  • C.22 - C.26
    L. 1983-1984. Heflin corresponded with Bohm on philosophy and sent Bohm drafts of his ideas on Time and other subjects. Letters etc from Helfin. 5 folders.
  • C.27
    D. H. 1963 Letter to Bohm re cell response.
  • C.28
    L. 195[?], 1962, 1984, 1986. Photocopies of Bohm's letters to Kahler. Includes 1950s letter on his life in Brazil; 1984 and 1986 letters re copies of Bohm-Einstein correspondence.
  • C.29
    Kaloyerou, P.
    N. 1988 Letter to Bohm re particles in time.
  • C.30 – C.34
    Karnette, R.
    1988, 1989 Karnette corresponded with Bohm principally re the thought of Krishnamurti. His letters were usually enclosed photocopies of extracts of work of Krishnamurti and others. Karnette's letter of 19 June 1988 (C.30) has been annotated by Bohm. Letters etc from Kamette. 5 folders.
  • C.35
    Kell. R
    . 1989 Includes draft of 'A reading of Chance and Necessity' by Kell, sent to Bohm for comment.
  • C.36
    Kolman, A.
    1962 Kolman was Director of the Philosophical Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. Letters from Kolman on his work on infinity etc.
    Laurikanien, K. V. 1987 Letter re Symposium ?in Finland.
  • C.37 - C.41
    Loewy, H. M
    . 1950-ca.1955, 1979, 1984-1985
    Hanna Loewy was a close friend of Bohm's. The correspondence is chiefly re Bohm's difficulties in the US and his time at the University of Sao Paulo.
    Photocopies of correspondence, nearly all letters from Bohm to Loewy.
    In 1984 Bohm requested Loewy send him copies of letters he had sent while in Brazil to strengthen his case for the restoration of his US citizenship. See C.41.
    C.37 1950, 1951 June.
    C.38 1951 October-December. Includes Bohm's initial reactions to life in Brazil.
    C.39 1953
    C.40 1950s. Undated letters to Loewy from Brazil. Include references to Bohm's current work and future plans.
    C.41 1979. 1984-1 985. Correspondence 1984-1 985 relates to Bohm's attempts to regain US citizenship.
  • C.42
    Lomanitz, G.R
    . 1965, 1966
    Lomanitz was a colleague of Bohm's at the Berkeley High Energy Laboratory and was also called before the House Committee on Un-American Activities.
    Photocopies of letters to Lomanitz re possible return to the US. In his letter of 21 November 1966 Bohm explains his association with Communism and his subsequent rejection thereof.
  • C.43
    Margolis, J.
    1988. Letter to Bohm re 'soma-significance'.
    Maule, P. 1987. Letter to Bohm re possible joint seminar.
    Oak Grove School, Ojai, California 1987. The Ojai Grove School hosted Bohm's meetings on Dialogue in the late 1980s. Letter of thanks to Bohm.
  • C.44
    Pauli, W.
    1951. Photocopy of letter from Pauli re Bohm's ideas on quantum theory
  • C.45
    Peat, F. D.
    1988 and not dated.
  • C.46 – C.50
    Phillips, M.
    1951 -1955, 1962.
    With the exception of the one 1962 letter from Phillips to Bohm (C.50), the material is photocopies of letters from Bohm to Phillips sent during his time in Brazil and shortly after his move to Israel. They may have been requested by Bohm to aid his attempt to regain US citizenship in the 1980s. Most of the letters were undated but have been retained in the order in which they were found. The letters give personal news as well as Bohm's views on Brazilian society, science in Brazil, international affairs and the progress of his research.
    C.46 – C.48 1951-1954. Letters from Brazil. 3 folders.
    C.49 1955. Letters from Israel.
    C.50 1962
  • C.51-C.54
    J. R. 1963. 'Bohm and Platt on Perception. Correspondence 1963'. Typescript copy of correspondence between Platt and Bohm, paginated 1-105, spanning the period 11 March -10 November. 4 folders.
  • C.55
    Polanyi, M.
    Pór, G. 1991. Letter (faxed) from Pór re Dialogue.
  • C.56
    Ribeiro, C. 1953. Photocopy of letter from Bohm re research funding. (In Portuguese). Material received from Dr Olival Freire Jr. The original is deposited in the Guido Beck Archive, Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • C.57
    Rosen, S. 1983. Letters from Rosen re Bohm's ideas. Rosen's letter of 21 November comments on Bohm's paper on 'Soma-significance' (see B.16, 8.17).
  • C.58
    L. 1952.
    Sagenkahn, I. and P. 1993. Brief correspondence re Malcolm Sagenkahn, a friend of the  Bohms.
  • C.59
    Salk, J. 1986. Letter to Salk from Bohm setting out his research plans in retirement.
    Shen, J-P Not dated. Manuscript draft of 'The explanation of uncertainty relation in Bohm's interpretation of quantum theory'.
  • C.60
    P. 1965. Letter to Taylor from Bohm on 'intelligence'.
  • C.61
    Vigier, J.-P
    . 1962 and not dated. Vigier was co-author with Bohm, L. de Broglie and T. Takabayashi of a paper 'Rotary model of elementary particles considered as a relativistic extended structures in Minowski space'.
    Correspondence from Vigier re joint work.
  • C.62
    Walsh, R
    . 1987. Letter from Walsh re 'A course in miracles'
    Wheeler, J. A. 1965. Letter from Wheeler to W. A. Benjamin re Bohm's book The Special Theory of Relativity.
  • C.63
    , L.H. 1986. Letter to Bohm re his paper on 'Fragmentation and Wholeness in Religion and in Science'.
  • C.64
    Worth, R. R.
    1963. Worth was Editorial Director of W. A. Benjamin Inc, Publishers.
    Comments by referees on Bohm's draft 'The Theory of Relativity'.
  • C.65
    Unidentified correspondents
    . First name only. 1956, 1962, 1989, and some not dated.


      Charles Joseph Biederman (b.1906) was an American painter, sculptor and theorist. The correspondence was initiated by Biederman who wrote to Bohm in March 1960 inspired by his book Causality and Chance. Between 1960 and 1969 they conducted an extensive correspondence. Bohm's letters to Biederman contain detailed expositions of his philosophical outlook and views on a wide range of philosophical and scientific issues.

      The material is photocopied correspondence, 1960-1 969. It was divided into three components: early exchanges 1960-1962, paginated 1-249 (C.66); letters from Bohm to Biederman 1962-1969, paginated 1-3202 (C.67-(2.85); and letters from Biederman to Bohm 1962-1969, paginated 1-673 (C.86-C.92).

      The 1962-1969 correspondence from Bohm to Biederman and from Biederman to Bohm was divided into nineteen and eight numbered bundles respectively

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      • C.66 Correspondence 1960-1962. Paginated 1-249.
      • C.67 – C.85 Bohm to Biederman.
        C.67 Bundle 1, February-May 1962. Paginated 1-140.
        Bundle 2, June-August 1962. Paginated 141-310.
        Bundle 3, August-October 1962. Paginated 311-529.
        Bundle 4, October-November 1962. Paginated 530-731.
        Bundle 5, November-December 1962. Paginated 732-905.
        Bundle 6, December 1962. Paginated 906-1069.
        Bundle 7, January-March 1963. Paginated 1070-1 31 8.
        Bundle 8, March-June 1963. Paginated 1319-1467.
        Bundle 9, June-September 1963. Paginated 1468-1 594.
        Bundle 10, September-December 1963. Paginated 1595-1722.
        Bundle 11, January-March 1964. Paginated 1723-1848.
        Bundle 12, March-April 1964. Paginated 1849-1 962.
        Bundle 13, May-September 1964. Paginated 1963-21 66.
        Bundle 14, September-December 1964. Paginated 2167-2406.
        Bundle 15, January-May 1965. Paginated 2407-2667.
        Bundle 16, August 1965-December 1966. Paginated 2668-2808.
        Bundle 17, January-?December 1967. Paginated 2809-2924.
        Bundle 18, January-ca.July 1968. Paginated 2925-3067.
        Bundle 19, July 1968 -April 1969. Paginated 3068-3202.
      • C.86 – C.92 Biederman to Bohm.
        Bundles 1 and 2, May-September 1962. Paginated 1-97.
        Bundle 3, September-December 1962. Paginated 98-216.
        Bundle 4, January-May 1963. Paginated 21 8-293.
        Bundle 5, June-December 1963. Paginated 294-352.
        Bundle 6, January-December 1964. Paginated 353-503.
        Bundle 7, January 1965-December 1966. Paginated 504-586.
        Bundle 8, April 1967-?October 1969. Paginated 587-673. Plus undated letter of 11? October 1969.


      C.93 - C.129 CORRESPONDENCE (ca 1950 - 2004)

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      • C.93
        Bennett, J.G. [1962-1964], 2004. Spiral bound volume of correspondence between Bohm and J.G. Bennett, covering 1962-1964, compiled by Anthony Blake, 2004 (with covering letter from Blake). The correspondence chiefly relates to ideas put forward by the philosopher J.G. Bennett in his four volume book The Dramatic Universe, heavily influenced by G.I. Gurdjieff.
      • C.94
        Bura, P. 1979. Letter re visit by Bohm to Canada.
      • C.95
        Hiley, B.J.
        1987. Letter from Bohm (in Israel) to Hiley commenting on The Quantum World by J.C. Polkinghorne.
      • C.96
        Kahler, A. ca 1951, 1953, 1984. Three letters from Bohm to Kahler. That ca 1951, written from Brazil, is on his impressions of the Physics Department of the University of Sao Paulo and his need in leave Brazil ('For I have no one to talk to, and nothing to do in my spare time'); 1953 letter refers to his plans for the future, he writes of moving to Britain or Israel; 1984 letter refers to correspondence between Bohm and Einstein. Alice ('Lili') Kahler (nee Loewy) was the mother of H.M. Loewy (see C.97). The family home at Princeton was thefocus for a circle of intellectuals, writers and artists with which Bohm was associated. This material is additional to correspondence at C.28 of the original catalogue.
      • C.97
        Loewy, H.M ca 1950, 1993. Correspondence from Bohm to Loewy, ca 1950, refers to his troubles with the Un-American Activities Committee, views on American society and future plans. Letter of 1993 to Loewy from F.D. Peat refers to meeting to talk about Bohm ca 1950. Folder also contains some empty envelopes indicating Bohm continued to write from Brazil. Hanna Loewy, the daughter of Lili Kahler (see C.96), was a member of the circle of intellectuals, writers and artists that met at her family home. This material is additional to correspondence at C.16, C.37-C.41 of the original catalogue.
      • C.98
        Parrish, H.1990, 1992 Copies of letters to Parrish.
      • C.99
        Pauli, W. [1951] This a photocopy of the draft of the letter to Bohm at C.44 of the original catalogue.
      • C.100
        Phillips, M. [1966, 1975,1987], 1992, 1996. Photocopies of three letters from Bohm to Phillips; letters 1996 from Phillips to Saral Bohm (widow) and S. Bohm to Phillips re the Bohm archive. Bohm's letter of 1966 explains his views on 'real enjoyment' and 'self-indulgent pleasure'. This is additional to correspondence at C.46-C.50 of the original catalogue.
      • C101-C104
        Schindler, D.L. [1983], 1998. Photocopies and typescript transcripts of correspondence between Bohm and Schindler. With 1998 letter to B.J. Hiley covering the correspondence. 4 folders. Schindler was editor of Communio, a Roman Catholic theological journal and Gagnon Professor of Fundamental Theology at the John Paul II Institute for the Study of Marriage and the Family in Washington, D.C. The correspondence between them arose following Schindler's review of Bohm's Wholeness and the Implicate Order (see 8.100 'Preliminary reply to Schindler's three questions arising from Wholeness and the Implicate Order' and 'Further remarks on Schindler's review of my book', and B.171 'Response to Schindler's Critique of my Wholeness and the Implicate Order', Int. Phil. Quarterly, vol. 22, no. 4, 1982, 329).
      • C.105
        Stapp, H. 1987. Letter to Bohm on his interpretations of quantum theory.
      • C.106-C.109
        Wilhelm. F. 1977-1983. Correspondence between Bohm and Wilhelm. Fritz Wilhelm, author of Dancing with Maya, met Bohm and J. Krishnamurti in 1975. He was, for a time, a follower of Krishnamurti although later was critical of him and his approach, and the correspondence includes some of these criticisms.
        'FRITZ - Letters to BOHM 79/80' [I979-1980] Contents of envelope so inscribed. The correspondence (photocopies) is paginated 1-55.
        'BOHM letters to FRITZ 77/83' Contents of envelope so inscribed. The correspondence (including transcripts and photocopies) is paginated 1-119. 2 folders.
        Other correspondence 1977-1979. Chiefly correspondence from Bohm to Wilhelm 1978; also includes transcripts of letters from Wilhelm to J. Krishnamurti, 1979.
      • C.110-C.114
        Woolfson, Y. {1957-?1980} Yitzhak (or Isidore) Woolfson was Bohm's brother-in-law. Typescript transcripts of 24 (numbered) letters from Bohm to Woolfson. The letters discuss individuality, the nature of understanding, memory, and relations with J. Krishnamurti as well as views on the Arab-Israeli conflict and personal news. 5 folders.
      • C.115
        Yevick, G. early 1950s. Photocopy of letter to Yevick from Bohm (in Brazil). In the letter Bohm discusses ether, relativity and quantum theory. George Yevick was a physicist based at the Stevens Institute of Technology, the husband of Miriam Yevick (see C.116-C.127).
      • C.116 - C.127
        Yevick, M.L. 1951-[1954],1995
        . Miriam Yevick was a mathematician based at the University of Maryland (later Rutgers State University, New Jersey), the wife of George Yevick (see C.115).
        C.116 - C.126 Photocopied manuscript correspondence [I951 - 19541 Photocopies of manuscript letters from Bohm (in Brazil) to Yevick. The letters 1951-mid 1953 form a sequence 1-49 (though not all letters are actually numbered and some appear to be missing), later letters are unnumbered. Some are incomplete and some undated (C. 126). 11 folders. The extensive correspondence covers Bohm's experiences in Brazil, his future plans, the state of the world, as well as the development of his ideas in quantum theory.
        C.127 Other correspondence 1951, 1995. Photocopy of manuscript and typescript letter from Yevick to Bohm, including mathematical calculations, 23 October 1951; typescript letter from Yevick to Bohm, 11 December 1951 ; correspondence from Yevick re her correspondence with Bohm. 1995.
      • C.128 - C.129
        Unidentified. Three letters from Bohm enclosing drafts on 'Values'. All photocopies. 2 folders.



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      • C.130 October – December 1966. Includes copies of letters to Loiger, Rosenfeld and Schumacher
      • C.131 January – June 1967
      • C.132 July - September 1967
      • C.133 October – December 1967. Includes typescript “The Negative approach to the meaning of language” by Bohm 1p
      • C.134 January - March 1986. Includes typescript “Addendum to remarks on order for the Bellagio conference on theoretical biology”  by Bohm. 5pp
      • C.135 September – December 1968
      • C.136 January – March 1969
      • C.137 April – August 1969. Includes typescript “Reply to discussion following talk: “Science As Perception-Communication”  by Bohm. 5pp