“In some sense man is a microcosm of the universe; therefore what man is, is a clue to the universe. We are enfolded in the universe.”

David Bohm

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The David Bohm Papers

Section A: Biographical Material

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OBITUARIES AND TRIBUTES (A.1 – A.22) (See also A.131 - A.134 Supplementary Catalogue below)

  • A.1 - A.4 Obituaries
    • A.1 B. J. Hiley, Independent, 30 October 1992.
      David Stevens, Independent, 11 November 1992.
      Daily Telegraph, 3 November 1992.
      J.C. Polkinghorne and Mary Cadogan, Guardian, 3 November 1992.
      M.I.G. Redhead, Nature, 12 November 1992.
      Jewish Chronicle, 13 November 1992.
    • A.2 Eric Page, New York Times, 29 October 1992.
      Times Leader (Wilkes-Barre), [?29 October 1992].
      Boston Globe, 30 October 1992.
      San Jose Mercury News, 29 October 1992
    • Paavo Pylkkänen, Helsingin Sanomat, 2 November 1992. (In Finnish).
      A.L. da Rocha Barros, 'Boletim Informativo', lnstituto de Fisica, Sao Paulo, Brazil,
      12 November 1992. (In Portuguese).
    • Olival Freire Jr, A Classe Operária (Sâo Paulo, Brazil), 23 November 1992. (In Portuguese).
    • A.3 Birkbeck Bulletin, December 1992.
      Dialogue Quarterly Newsletter, December 1992.
      David Pines, Physics World, March 1993.
      The View, Rigpa International Newsletter, Spring 1993.
      S. Goldstein, Physics Today, August 1994.
    • A.4 Miscellaneous and unidentified.
  • A.5 - A.12 'Obituary letters'
    Contents of two bulky folders so inscribed: letters of condolence and reminiscence sent to Saral Bohm on her husband's death. The letters were numbered 1-178 (numbers 151-159 not used), the first folder containing letters 1-80 and the second 81-150 and 160 -178, with a list of correspondents at the front of each folder.
  • A.13 - A.19 Tributes and memorials
  • A.20 - A.22 Biography of Bohm
    After his death David Peat, a colleague of Bohm's in Canada, began work on a biography. He wrote to colleagues of Bohm and advertised in Physics Today for recollections of Bohm.
    'Letters to D. Peat (concerning Bohm's work, etc) in connection with writing Bohm's biography'. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference.
    • A.20 Manuscript list of biographical material seen by Peat.
    • A.21 Correspondence 1993.
    • A.22 Correspondence 1994.

INTERVIEWS, DISCUSSIONS AND DIALOGUES (A.23 – A.58) (See also A.135 - A.148 Supplementary Catalogue below)

  • A.23 'David Bohm and psychologists. The Nature of the Mind - 5 1982'.
    19pp transcript of discussion between David Bohm, Jon Hidley and Tom Krause; covering letter 22 February 1992.
  • A.24 - A.25 Discussion between Bohm and Krishnamurti, 11 June 1983.
    • A.24 'Chapter One', 36pp typescript.
    • A.25 'Chapter 2', 32pp typescript.
  • A.26 – A.29 Transcripts of panel discussions held at Forum conference, September 1983.
    • A.26 'Panel Discussion 10.9.83: David Bohm, Rupert Sheldrake, Fritjof, Francisco Varela', 31 pp typescript.
    • A.27 'Panel to the initial statement of the Dalai Lama', 15pp typescript.
    • A.28 'Panel 3. Perception of the World', 23pp typescript.
    • A.29 'Concluding Panel', 20pp typescript.
  • A.30 'Interview with David Bohm. Birkbeck College, 25th June 1986. Participants: David Bohm, Mark Edwards, Alan Hunter'. 28pp typescript.
  • A.31 - A.32 Interview with David Bohm by A. C. Wagner, July 1987. 43pp typescript. 2 folders.
  • A.33 – A.35 Conversations with David Moody at Ojai, California, November and December 1987. See also Ojai Dialogues (A.59-A.71)
    • A.33 16 November, 40pp typescript.
    • A.34 ?1 December, 35pp typescript.
    • A.35 ?8 December. 17pp typescript.
  • A.36 Discussion with Sogyal Rinpoche, Max Velmans, John Crook and John Pickering, The Mind Body Group newsletter no. 2 (July 1989).
    lnterview with John Briggs, New Age Journal (September/October 1989), 44-49, 110-115.
  • A.37 Interview with A. L. da Rocha Barros, 'O aparente e o oculto: entrevista com David Bohm', Estudos Avancados 4 (8) (1990), 188-198. (In Portuguese)
  • A.38 - A.39 'Physics and the Laws of Nature', discussion with Saral Bohm and David Moody, 'circa 1989 or 1990'.
    • A.38 'Verbatim transcription', 39pp typescript.
    • A.39 Bound 'Edited transcription'
  • A.40 Plastic spiral bound transcript of Lee Nichol's 'Conversations with David Bohm' on 'Self, Society and Proprioception', Ojai, California, November 1989, and 'Imagination, Time and Being', Vancouver, Canada, April 1992.
  • A.41 - A.45 'Art meets Science and Spirituality in a changing economy', Amsterdam 1990.
    This event was an exhibition and a symposium bringing together artists, scientists, religious leaders and economists. To precede it a 'TV/Video Document of our Time' was filmed, featuring some of the main participants, including Bohm, for display at the event. Bohm was interviewed for this on 1 September 1989.
    At the main event in 1990 Bohm took part in a panel discussion alongside the artist Robert Rauschenberg, the Dalai Lama and the Soviet economist Stanislav Menshikov on 10 September.
    • A.41 Brief correspondence re arrangements 1989; photographs of Bohm taken during filming for the interview; brochure, with brief biographical details of participants
    • A.42 Transcript of interview, 24pp typescript.
    • A.43 Plastic spiral bound copy of 'Treatment. Television/Video Document of our Time'.
    • Bohm is featured as the first interviewee.
    • A.44 Plastic spiral bound copy of 'Foto report on the shooting for Television/Video Document of our Time'.
    • A.45 Programme of main event.
  • A.46 '"Beyond Limits". A Conversation with Professor David Bohm'.
    Published transcript of conversation between W. M. Angelos and Bohm, recorded by Dutch Television in September 1990.
  • A.47 'Dialogues between Indigenous and Western Scientists, May 1992, Kalamazoo, Michigan', Fetzer Institute occasional paper.
    The dialogue took place when Bohm was visiting the Institute as a Fetzer Scholar.
    Bound draft of transcript sent to Saral Bohm, with covering letter.
  • A.48 'Notes of last conversations with David Bohm October 28th 1992'
    2pp typescript, author unidentified.
  • A.49 – A.57 Contents of folder: typescript draft of long interview with Bohm probably for publication in book form. The material is divided into two parts -'Part I Thought and the Human Condition', comprising chapters 1 and 2 and 'Part 2 A Dialogue on Thought', with chapters 3-6.
    • A.49 - A.50 'Chapter 1 The World Crisis and Thought'. 2 folders.
    • A.51 'Chapter 2 The Technological Ascent and the Psychological Descent of Man'.
    • A.52 - A.53 'Chapter 3 On the Nature of Thought'. 2 folders.
    • A.54 'Chapter 4 Illusion and Reality'.
    • A.55 'Chapter 5 Dialogue and Collective Thought'.
    • A.56 'Chapter 6 On Meaning'
    • A.57 Miscellaneous pages.
  • A.58 'David Bohm on Abuse. Dialogue between David and Sara Bohm, and Zhixang and Zhendi Wang', nd. 18pp typescript.

OJAl DIALOGUES (A.59 – A.71)

  • Bohm led Dialogues at seminars at the Oak Grove School, Ojai, California. Edited transcripts of the dialogues were published.
    • A.59 Leaflet re 1987 Ojai Dialogues.
    • A.60 Plastic spiral bound edited transcript of 1987 Ojai Dialogues (4-6 December).
    • A.61 'Transcript 1987 - Oak Grove School ?with teachers etc'. Contents of envelope so inscribed: 43pp typescript, draft transcript of Ojai Dialogue from 5 December 1987.
    • A.62 Plastic spiral bound edited transcript of 1988 Ojai Dialogues (11-13 November).
    • A.63 – A.68 '[...] Transcripts of some dialogues /Ojai etc/ [...] Meeting with students Oak Grove School Nov. 14, 1989'. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into six for ease of reference.
    • A.63 'An account of eight discussions between Krishnamurti and a small group of people - August 1964 (made by D. Bohm)', 19pp typescript; booklet of Writings by David Bohm (Krishnamurti Foundation Trust. 1970).
    • A.64 'On interpretation' by Bohm, 2pp typescript ca.1976; typescript note on the finite 'on the occasion of the memorial for David's friend Dr M. Sagenkahn', November 1987.
    • A.65 Transcript of session with Bohm at Organisational Learning Seminar, October 1989, 92pp typescript.
    • A.66 Booklet of 'David Bohm Meeting with Students, Oak Grove School, Ojai, California, November 14, 1989'.
    • A.67 Draft of Ojai 'Dialogue I' , 1 December 1989.
    • A.68 Draft of Ojai 'Dialogue II', 2 December 1989.
    • A.69 David Bohm On Dialogue (Ojai, 1990), published transcript of meeting at Ojai on 6 November 1989.
    • A.70 Plastic spiral bound edited transcript of 1989 Ojai Dialogues (1-3 December).
    • A.71 'Dialogue Quarterly Newsletter', vol. 1 (June 1992).
      As a result of Bohm's Dialogues, the Bohm Committee of Ojai which had organised the seminars established a newsletter in 1992 to keep participants in touch with each other and developments in the field.

ARTICLES AND PAPERS ABOUT BOHM'S WORK (A.72 – A.107) (See also A.149 - A.163 Supplementary Catalogue below)

  • A.72 'Matter and metaphor', section of Ph.D. thesis by John Brigg dealing with Bohm's work. Includes interview with Bohm. Typescript paginated 226-261 annotated 'First Draft, incomplete, 1981'
  • A.73 'David Bohm's Wholeness and the lmplicate Order an interpretative essay' by S. M. Rosen, Man-Environment Systems 12 (January 1982).
  • A.74 'David Bohm' by R. Temple, New Scientist. 11 November 1982.
  • A.75 'David Bohm's Suggestive Metaphors and Constructs: a psychological reading' by R. van Eckartsberg, summer 1983. 11 pp typescript.
  • A.76 Plastic spiral bound copy of 'David Bohm. The Implicate Order: Physics <=> Theology. Conference Papers presented 22-23 April 1983. The Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California'. Heavily annotated by Bohm.
  • A.76A 'David Bohm, Post-Modernism, and the Divine' by T. Peters, 'Revised for publication January 18, 1984'.
    The original paper was presented at the 'David Bohm' conference (A.76 above). 41 pp typescript.
  • A.77 'The Physics of Bohm and its relevance to Theology' by R.J. Russell, March 1984. 19pp typescript
  • A.78 - A.79 'A Dialogic Faith'. M.A. thesis by R.F. Lehmann, 1 December 1986. 50pp typescript. 2 folders.
  • A.80 'A visit with David [Hockney] and Stanley Hollywood Hills 1987' by L. Weschler.
    Hockney refers to reading Bohm's Wholenesss and the Implicate Order and the influence it had on him. See also A.106.
  • A.81 'The Science of Wholeness: David Bohm's Natural Philosophy' by M. Toms, New Dimensions Radio Network News 15 (3), May-June 1988.
  • A.82 6pp typescript outline for article on 'Dialogue' by Diana Durham, sent to Bohm for comment, 23 November 1988.
  • A.83 'David Bohms virkelighed' by J. Bang and B. Lautrup, ca.1988. 15pp typescript proof. (In Danish)
    Newspaper cuttings from Bohm's visit to Denmark, May 1989, covering Bohm's life and thought. (In Danish)
  • A.84 'The nature of physical reality', New Paradigms Newsletter 7 (June 1989).
  • A.85 Bound volume 'About Chromatics. To David Bohm', by F. Schandorr, 1989 (In English, Danish and German)
  • A.86 Plastic spiral bound copy of '"Implicate Order" and the Good Life: Applying David Bohm's Ontology in the Human World' Ph.D. thesis by Ib Ravn, 1989.
  • A.87 - A.88 'A Passion for Clarity. The Life and Work of David Bohm' by W. M. Angelos.
    • A.87 15pp typescript 'Corrected draft June 16, 1990'. With covering letter.
    • A.88 Plastic spiral bound 'Overview draft June 25, 1990'.
  • A.89 'Fra splittelse til helhet' by H.B. Tschudi (from Norwegian journal or newspaper), Oslo, 29 June 1990. Copy of article (in Norwegian); 3pp typescript English language version titled 'From Fragmentation to Wholeness'.
  • A.90 'To fhe Lighthouse and Physics: the corresponding worlds of Virginia Woolf and David Bohm', author  unidentified, November 1990. 29pp typescript.
  • A.91 Bound copy of 'David Bohm and Dialogue' by Heather Parrish, December 1991.
  • A.92 'Transforming the culture through dialogue', Utne Reader, March/April 1991.
    'Quantum Philosophy' by J. Horgan, Scientific American, July 1992.
    Includes references to Bohm's work on quantum theory.
  • A.93 'Last words of a quantum heretic', New Scientist, 27 Februaty 1993.
  • A.94 'Sur les "Variables Cachées" de la Mécanique Quantique - Albert Einstein, David Bohm et Louis de Broglie' by M. Paty, La Pensée 292 (1993). (In French)
  • A.95 'Bohm's Alternative to Quantum Mechanics' by D.Z. Albert, Scientific American, May 1994.
  • A.96 'David Bohm: A Life of Dialogue between Science and Spirit' by W. Keepin, Noetic Sciences Review, Summer 1994.
  • A.97 'David Bohm, sua estada no Brasil e a Teoria Quântica' by O.Freire Jr., M. Paty and A.L. da Rocha Barros, Estudos Avancados 8 (20) (1994), 53-82 (In Portuguese)
  • A.98 'Bohm, Einstein e a Ciéncia no Brasil' by O. Freire Jr, in eds. I. C. Moreira and A. A. Passos Videira, Einstein e o Brasil (Rio de Janeiro, 1995), 261- 271. (In Portuguese)
    'The curse of the spirit' by J.D. Barrow, New Scientist 16 November 1996, 48-49.
  • A.99 References to Bohm in transcripts of interviews conducted by the American Institute of Physics' Center for History of Physics: L.H. Aller (1979), L. de Broglie (1963), E.E. Salpeter (1978), E.P. Wigner (1981).
  • A.100 – A.105 'Notes on Bohm's work /by whom??/ Probably: Sean M. Kelly'. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into six for ease of reference: miscellaneous typescript drafts on aspects of Bohm's work. Not dated.
    • A.100 'Beyond Materialism and Idealism: reflections on the work of David Bohm and Edgar Morin' by S.M. Kelly, 20pp.
    • A.101 'Meaning. Post-Structuralism. Deconstruction', 14pp
      'Quantum measurement. Superselection and Quantum Potential', 4pp, annotated 'Dave: This is a very brief summary of work I did several years ago [...]'
    • A.102 'David Bohm's implied order and the principles of orthophysics', 8pp.
      'Bohm's notion of order', 2pp.
      'Order', 4pp.
      'The role and significance of order', 2pp.
    • A.103 'Order in Art and Science', 2pp.
      'Structuralism and order. Metaphor and science', 3pp.
      'Metaphor and movement', 2pp.
      'Metaphor and language', 2pp.
      'Is there a distinct boundary between Formal and Informal languages?', 3pp.
    • A.104 'Categories and deception', 3pp.
      'Bohm on perception communication', 2pp
      'Perception-communication', 3pp.
      'Subtle changes of meaning', 1p.
      'Reductionism and dualism',1p.
    • A.105 'Science and history', 2pp.
      'Orders of space and time', 2pp.
      'Evolution', 2pp.
      Somatic selection and adaptive evolution' ?by E.J. Steele, 1p.
      'Boundaries and barriers', 1p.
      'Chance', 1p.
      'Gaia hypothesis', 1p.
  • A.106 'Bohmedallions' by R. Zend.
    Collection of typescript poems so titled. Not dated.
    'Tea with Mr Hockney' by J. Cornwell, extract of magazine article in which Hockney refers to work of Bohm (p.40). Not dated. See also A.80.
  • A.107 Miscellaneous photocopies etc. of shorter pieces on Bohm and his work.

LIFE AND CAREER (A.108 – A.129) See also A.164 - A.174 Supplementary Catalogue below)

  • A.108 – A.112 Photocopies of manuscript essays and notes by Bohm.
  • These are photocopies of the originals at A.166-A.170. A.108=A.166, etc. The photocopies have been retained due to the poor condition of the originals.
  • A.113 Graduation, 1939.
    Photocopy of Bohm's student record, etc.
  • A.114 – A.121 Appearance before the US House Committee on Un-American Activities (HCUA) and subsequent dismissal from Princeton University, 1949-1951.
    While working at the Berkeley Radiation Laboratory during the Second World War Bohm was active in the Federation of Architects, Engineers, Chemists and Technicians (FAECT) trade union. At this time (1942) Bohm also joined the Communist Party but he left a year later.
    The activities of FAECT at the Radiation Laboratory had occasioned some concern during the war (see A.115) and in 1949, as Cold War tensions increased, HCUA began to investigate staff who had been working there. Bohm was called upon to testify before HCUA on 25 May and 10 June 1949 but pleaded the Fifth Amendment refusing to give evidence against colleagues.
    In September 1949 the Soviet Union tested its first atomic device and it was thought that atomic bomb secrets must have been passed to the USSR. Pressure to uncover Soviet spies was intensified. HCUA alleged Bohm and other members of the FAECT were members of a Communist cell working at Berkeley during the war. In December 1950, Bohm was charged with Contempt of Congress for refusing to answer questions about colleagues before the HCUA and arrested. He was acquitted in May 1951.
    Princeton University had suspended Bohm in December 1950, baning him from the University, and after his acquittal refused to renew his contract, despite support for Bohm from Einstein and others, thus effectively dismissing him.
    • A.114 'Princeton, David Bohm and the Cold War' by R. Olwell, ca.1992. 33pp typescript draft.
    • A.115 Photocopies of FBI etc reports on FAECT activities at the Radiation Laboratory, 1943.
    • A.116 Photocopies of 1943 report on FAECT activities, and interviews with G.R. Lomanitz and Bohm conducted by M. Shetwin in 1979, sent to Bohm by E.W. Schreker, 2 September 1993.
    • A.117 Photocopy of extracts of HCUA Hearings regarding Communist lnfiffration of Radiation Laboratory and Atomic Bomb Project at the University of California. Berkeley (Washington 1949) featuring Bohm's testimony.
    • A.118 Photocopies of photographs of Bohm and G.R. Lomanitz (a colleague at the Radiation Laboratory who also came under suspicion), with news agency descriptions, 1949.
    • A.119 Photocopies of manuscript notes from Columbia Oral History project interviews with H.W. Dodds,President of Princeton University during this period, and C. Durr, Bohm's Counsel.
    • A.120 'Who Gave Russia the A-Bomb?' by W.B. Huie, American Mercury, ca.1951, alleging Bohm was involved in supplying atomic bomb secrets to the USSR.
    • A.121 'Science, Security and the Cold War. The case of E.U. Condon' by Jessica Wang, lSlS (1992).
    • Reference to Bohm on p.257.
  • A.122 Appointment as Professor of Physics, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
    Letter from A. de Moraes, Head of Physics Department, notifying E. Simdes de Paula (Head of Faculty), of Bohm's arrival in Brazil, 10 October 1951; record of Bohm's service at the University 1951-1956. (In Portuguese)
  • A.123 Correspondence re US citizenship, 1965-1 967, 1985-1 986.
    When Bohm left the USA in 1951 he returned his passport, believing this was required by law. Living in Brazil without a passport he then had no option but to take Brazilian nationality and renounce his US citizenship. Subsequently efforts were made on his behalf to restore US citizenship to him. This was eventually restored to him in 1986.
  • A.124 Appointment as Professor of Physics, Birkbeck College London.
    'Problems in the basic concepts of physics', Published version with manuscript annotations of Bohm's inaugural lecture, 13 February 1963.
  • A.125 Nomination for National Science Foundation Senior Foreign Scientist Fellowship at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, 1966.
    The nomination of Bohm was proposed by his colleague from the Radiation Laboratory, G.R. Lomanitz.
  • A.126 Correspondence 1977-1978, 1984, re Bohm's employment and pension contributions at the Berkeley Radiation Laboratory, Princeton University, University of SBo Paulo and the Technicon, Haifa.
  • A.127 Jeannette K. Watson Distinguished Professor in the Humanities, Syracuse University, 13 September -1 October 1982.
    Publicity leaflet re the Professorship, with a list of lectures to be given by Bohm, principally on the philosophical implications of his work.
  • A.128 Invitation to serve on editorial board of Foundations of Physics, 1988.
    Notice of Wegand Foundation Lecture on 'The Relationship of Mind and Matter', University of Toronto, 11 October 1988.
    Programme of 'Fundamental Aspects of Quantum Theory. A conference [...] to celebrate 30 years of the Aharonov-Bohm effect', 14-16 December 1989, Columbia, South Carolina. Bohm spoke at the conference.
  • A.129 Letter of congratulation from B.D. Josephson on Bohm's election to Fellowship of the Royal Society, 1990.




  • A.131 Letters of condolence 1992-1993
    These are additional to those at A.6-A.12 of the original catalogue and were not in the list in A.5.
  • A.132 'Remarks by S Schweber at memorial meeting for Dave Bohm', 3 December 1992
    Printed out email, 3pp
  • A.133 'David Joseph Bohm 20 December 191 7-27 October 1992' by B.J. Hiley, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society 43 (1997), 105-131 1997
  • A.134 Tribute to Bohm from Newsletter of the lnstituto de Estudos Avancados da Universidade de Sao Paulo, vol 10 no 2 (1998) 1998
    The newsletter is announcing a forthcoming symposium on David Bohm's work.


  • A.135 'The enfolding-unfolding universe: a conversation with David Bohm' by Renee Weber, ReVision 1 (1978), 24-51 1978. Photocopy of published conversation
  • A.136 'Mind, nature and the quantum', interview with G.W. Schaeffer, 11 February 1981
    21 pp typescript transcript; correspondence re arrangements. 1980-1981
    Schaeffer was Professor of Ecological Physics, Cranfield Institute of Technology. The interview was to have been published (in part) in the Christian Science Monitor.
  • A.137 Interview by Lillian Hoddeson, Center for History of Physics, American Institute of Physics, 8 May 1981. 16pp typescript transcript.
  • A.138 'The physicist and the mystic - is a dialogue between them possible?', by Renee Weber, ReVision 4 (Spring 1981), 21-74 1981. Photocopy of published conversation.
  • A.139 'Conversations between Rupert Sheldrake, Renee Weber, David Bohm', ReVision 5 (Fall 1982), pp23-48. Photocopy of published conversations.
  • A.140 'Of matter and meaning: the super-implicate order. A conversation between David Bohm and Renee Weber', ReVision 6 (1983), pp34-44. Photocopy of published conversation.
  • A.141 – A.142 'Joe Schaeffer interview with David Bohm' 23 July 1986
    • A.141 Print-out of transcript 42pp
    • A.142 Revised transcript 31pp.
  • A.143 Interview by Dipankar Home, Science Today November 1986, 25-27, 48-49. Photocopy of published interview.
  • A.144 'Interview between David Bohm and Lee Nichol' 14pp typescript transcript so headed. 1989
    This an earlier version of the 1989 conversation presented at A.40 of the original catalogue
  • A.145 – A.148 Ojai Dialogues 1989 See also A.67-A.70 of the original catalogue.
    • A.145 'David Bohm meeting with Oak Grove students, Ojai, California, November 14, 1989' 43pp typescript transcript 1989. This was the basis of the booklet at A.66 in the original catalogue.
    • A.146, A.147 'David Bohm Seminar December 2, 1989' 64p typescript. 2 folders. 1989
    • A.148 'Dialogue Four - (First half)', 3 December 1989 32pp typescript. 1989


  • A.149 'Newspaper references to Bohm' 1983,1997
    Why Einstein was wrong about light' by Danah Zohar, Sunday Times 20 February 1983 (photocopy); 'The universe as seen from North Beach', San Francisco Chronicle, 17 August 1997.
  • A.150 'Some remarks on the significance of David Bohm's views for biology' by K. Kortmulder, Acta Biotheoretica 36 (1987), 275-280 1987. Corrected offprint.
  • A.151 – A.155 'Material collected by David Peat for his 1992 biography + not in folders A.20 - A.22'. Contents of folder so labelled. 1992-1996
    • A.151 – A.153 Print-outs of unedited transcripts of reminiscences of Bohm, 1994
      The reminiscences focus in particular on Bohm's family background, his relationship with Krishnamurti, his move towards the dialogue technique, and his depression. Those interviewed include Saral Bohm, Lee Nichol, Dave Moody and Mort Weiss. 3 folders.
    • A.154, A.155 Miscellaneous letters and copies of letters, information, poems etc. 1993-1996. 2 folders.
  • A.156 'Remembering David Bohm' by M. Germine, Psychoscience vol 1 no 1 (1994), 3-5
    First issue of Psychoscience, which also includes 'Soma-significance: a new notion of the relationship between the physical and the mental' by Bohm, published posthumously (see B.16 of the original catalogue).
  • A.157 'The quantum metaphysics of David Bohm' by T.J. Germine, Psychoscience vol 1 no 2 (1994), pp139-149. Issue of Psychoscience.
  • A.158 Photocopied pages referring to Bohm from The Quark and the Jaguar Adventures in the Simple and Complex by M. Gell-Mann (1995)
  • A.159 '3 untitled pages (130 to 132) concerning DAVID BOHM 1995 Headed Das Jahr 1951. Dated 13 March 1995' 1995
    4pp photocopy manuscript notes on Bohm's life, apparently taken from German language draft, one page of which is appended; 1 page of typescript corrections.
  • A.160 'Talk for Amherst', 12 June 1995, recollections of Bohm by Saral Bohm 1995. 8pp typescript.
  • A.161 'David Bohm and collective movement' by A. Kojevnikov, HSPS vol 33 part 1 (2002), 161-192. Offprint.
  • A.162 'Science and exile: David Bohm, the Cold War, and a new interpretation of quantum mechanics', HSPS vol 36 part 1 (2005) Preprint.
  • A.163 'Dialectical materialism and the construction of a new quantum theory: David Joseph Bohm, 1917-1992' by C. Forstner. 2005. Preprint.

LIFE AND CAREER (A.164 - A.174)

  • A.164 Curricula vitae
  • A.165 Bibliographies
  • A.166 - A.170 Manuscript notes, diagrams and essays 1933-1934 and some not dated. 5 folders.
    These are the notes of which the photocopies at A.108-A.112 of the original catalogue are copies. A.108=A.166, etc. The photocopies have been retained due to the poor condition of the originals.
  • A.171 ‘Statement made by David Joseph Bohm, March 23rd 1960' and 'Additional statement made by David Joseph Bohm on April 12th, 1960'; correspondence re visa 1983 Photocopies of statements provided by Bohm to US Consulate in London in seeking return of his US passport. The statements cover his political leanings, his current political views and his wish to return to the USA. [1960] and 1983-1984
  • A.172 Nomination of Bohm for Nobel Prize in Physics
  • A.173, A.174 Election to Fellowship of the Royal Society
    • A.173 Arrangements for admission
    • A.174 Letters of congratulation See also A.129 of the original catalogue.


SARAL BOHM (A.180 - A.181)


  • A.182 Transcript of taped interview with Maurice Wilkins, 1986