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The David Bohm Papers

Audiovisual material (D.1 - D.38)

D.1 Audio cassette tape labelled “Commentary on “JOE” – session tape with Gregg 5/28/81 (1 of 6 tapes in series) 1981.
There are two speakers. The principle speaker introduces a programme in the form of a series of tapes that is presented as a one session cure for the neuroses. “Joe” is a client on whom the programme was trialled. The further five audio cassettes were not found
D.2 – D.5 Four audio cassette tapes of talks for Radio France in series “Recherche et pensées contemp”. Bohm is talking on his ideas. Bohm speaks in English, with a French translation overplayed. 1982

  • D.2 “12/6/82” 1
  • D.3 “12/6/82” 2
  • D.4 “19/6/82” 1
  • D.5 “19/6/82” 2

D.6 – D.7 Two audio cassette tapes of “Discussion between J. Krishnamurti and D. Bohm – “The Future of Mankind” 1983

  • D.6 “11/6/83”
  • D.7 “20/6/83”

D.8 CD-RW of uncorrected transcript of interview with M.F. Wilkins 1986-1987. The CD has two files: “Bohm/Wilkins Tapes 1-8” and “Bohm/Wilkins Tapes 9-16”
D.9- D.20 Audio cassette tapes of proceedings of “The Science of David Bohm” Memorial meeting at Birkbeck College, London, 5-6th May 1993.
The first two tapes record the opening talks of the two days of the meeting, thereafter they are presented in alphabetical order by speaker

  • D.9 “Basil”. B.J. Hiley’s opening remarks and opening talk of the meeting
  • D.10 “Basil Hiley David Peat Goldstein” Opening talks of the second day’s proceedings
  • D.11 “Yakir Aharanov”
  • D.12 “Mary Cadogan, Suzette van Hansen-Drűcken”
  • D.13 “Chris Dewdney”
  • D.14 “Brian Goodwin”
  • D.15 “Michael Green”
  • D.16 “Chris Isham”
  • D.17 “Paavo Pylkkànen”
  • D.18 “Rupert Sheldrake. Mark Edwards”
  • D.19 “Jean-Pierre Vigier”
  • D.20 “Maurice Wilkins”

D.21 Thought as a system (Ojai Seminar, Dec 1990) 7 DVDs
D.22 Dialogue Considerations (Cotswolds, UK, 1990) 1 DVD (very poor recording)
D.23 Interview with Bill Angelos (Amsterdam, September 1990) 1 DVD
D.24 Jerusalem Talks (July 1983) 4 audio CDs
D.25 UCLA Talks (Los Angeles, November 1987) 4 audio CDs (poor audio quality)
D.26 Discussions with Oak Grove School Staff (Ojai, 1982 -1984 various) 12 audio CDs
D.27 Discussions with Oak Grove School Staff (Ojai, 1986) 18 audio CDs
D.28 Ojai Seminar (October 1986) 8 audio CDs
D.29 Ojai Seminar (November 1986) 11 audio CDs
D.30 Ojai Seminar (November 1987) 9 audio CDs
D.31 Ojai Seminar (December 1987) 10 audio CDs
D.32 Ojai Seminar (November 1988) 11 audio CDs
D.33 Ojai Seminar (December 1988) 10 audio CDs
D.34 Ojai Seminar (November 1989) 10 audio CDs
D.35 Ojai Seminar (December 1989) 10 audio Cds
D.36 Ojai Seminar (November 1990) 11 audio CDs
D.37 Ojai Seminar (December 1990) 10 audio CDs
D.38 Ojai Seminar (March 1992) 10 audio CDs