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Library application form for Birkbeck staff

Most members of staff are issued with a Birkbeck photo-ID card and this is used to join and borrow from the Library. If the ID card does not have a Library barcode, a small photograph must be supplied for a separate Library card.

Members of staff who are not issued with Birkbeck ID cards may join the Library by presenting a contract or letter of employment from Birkbeck, photo ID and a small photograph. Contracts and letters must show the start and end dates of their employment. Temporary staff contracted to work at Birkbeck for more than six months may have borrowing entitlements. Temporary staff contracted to work less than six months may have reference access.

To be completed by all applicants

Surname: Title:
Forename(s): Position:
Home address:
Home telephone: Work telephone:
Email address (please note that all Library messages are sent by email):

I agree to abide by the Library Regulations and the Computing Regulations

Signed: Date:
Do you have disability or particular need that means you require extra assistance in the Library? Yes / No
Would you like the Library to contact you to discuss this? Yes / No


For office use only

Date of application:

Borrower type: 003 (borrowing)  Borrower type: 004 (Ref)

Contract attached (not required if a valid College photo-ID card is shown): Yes / No
Date data entry done:                                             Initials ________