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Library regulations

Please abide by the Library regulations. These are summarised below:

  • You need to have a valid membership card in order to enter the Library and borrow material.
  • You should renew or return items promptly, especially if someone else has requested them. Fines are charged on overdue items.
  • You should not bring food or alcoholic drinks into the Library.
  • You must turn your mobile phone to silent before entering the Library and must not use it whilst in the Library.
  • You need to abide by copyright legislation and electronic licence agreements.
  • You must treat other Library users and Library staff with courtesy and respect.
  • You must not disturb other library users and should maintain absolute silence in designated areas.
  • The Library has different membership levels, some of which permit access to electronic resources such as electronic journals, databases and e-books. We have various methods of authentication which give access to e-resources both on and off campus, all of which require you to have a valid Birkbeck username and password. We retain the right to withdraw access to any or all of our e-resources without prior notification where agreements with our suppliers require this or where there has been a breach of the Library’s rules and regulations.

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