How do I... use the computers in the Library?

You need a username and password

Most students are given a Birkbeck username and password at the start of their course. If you have not received these you can get them from the IT Services Service Desk . More details on the ITS Computer Account Pages

PCs: location in Library

The PCs in the library, with the exception of the catalogues and other specialist PCs, are managed by IT Services

  • There are computers on levels 1 and 2.
  • Seminar Room - level 1: There are 30 PCs in the Library's Seminar Room - you can use the computers in this room if it is not booked by Library staff. Timetable of bookings.

If all PCs in the Library are being used, ask at the Help Desk about other computer rooms in College.

What's on the PCs

Once you have logged on you can access the internet, Birkbeck eLibrary's electronic resources, and the same software as in installed in the workstation rooms.

Laptops and the Wireless Network

See our laptop page for information about using a laptop or mobile device and connecting to the wireless network in the Library.

Help with computing facilities

If you are working in the Library, ask at the Help Desk. Library staff are trained to deal with problems using resources within the eLibrary. If you have a problem with specific software, email or you've forgotten your Birkbeck username and password, you may be referred to the ITS Service Desk.

Please note: ITS provide help or training on general computing, using Word, Excel, etc. Please ask at ITS Service Desk or see the ITS web site. They have self-training worksheets available and run training workshops for staff and students. Email:  Phone: 020 7631 6543.

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