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Panopto is the College's centrally-supported tool for recording lectures. It can record audio, video, your PowerPoint presentations etc. It also integrates well with Moodle, our centrally-supported virtual learning environment.

During the 2014/2015 academic year, all teaching rooms at Birkbeck will be equipped for staff to use Panopto if they wish. It is also possible to record video and audio presentations in your office using your own computer (providing that it has a webcam or inbuilt microphone) and the Panopto software.

ITS is providing training via workshops. Sign up via the ITS training schedule.

Panopto may be used for recording:

  • Lectures
  • Exam revision sessions
  • Instructions on completing assignments
  • Supplementary material for extending work outside class
  • Your discussion of core concepts, which then frees face-to-face time for other learning activities (i.e. the "flipped classroom").

A Panopto workshop was held recently where a number of academics gave presentations on Panopto good practice. Recordings of these talks are available.