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Small Steps in Blended Learning

  • If there is a standard textbook for your module, does the publisher provide free online resources or quizzes you could assign to your students? This is an easy way to provide supplementary, online material.
  • Is there a particular topic or assignment that your students struggle to understand each year? Consider using Panopto (Birkbeck's lecture capture technology) to record your explanation. Contact ITS ( for training in Panopto. Students may then listen to repeated explanations without having either (1) to admit that they haven't understood the first time and (2) requiring the lecturer to devote extra time.
  • Is there a basic skill that your students should have assimilated already but may not have? Consider including a link in Moodle to a video from, for example, the Khan Academy. Alternatively, record yourself talking through the skill in your office using Panopto (see above).
  • As an alternative to class-based student presentations, consider asking learners to video themselves using a smartphone and then emailing the video to you or uploading the video into Moodle. This frees up class time for other activities.
  • Assign questions to individual students or groups and ask them to respond via the class forum or a blog in Moodle. The public nature of the response might be a test of student confidence, which is an issue to consider, but it also ensures that students will continue to work upon a topic outside class.