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Peer mentoring

Strand four of the College’s Retention Strategy - Supporting 1st year undergraduate students with mentors, buddies and advisors - focused specifically on developing mentoring schemes at Birkbeck.  Following on from an initial pilot in the School of Law, the information below was designed for a student peer mentoring programme for first year students entering Higher Education in 2011. First year students were mentored by second year students during the first term of study only. The aim was to aid student transition enabling first year students to address issues of concern with their second year peer.

The documents below have been designed as a toolkit to provide departments with the necessary information to develop their own transition mentoring scheme. You are therefore welcome to use the documents as a basis for setting up your own programme.


Mentee Handbook

Mentor Handbook

Sample Mentor Application Form

Sample Email to Student Mentors

Sample Mentor Training Session

Staffing Resources Needed