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Research Institutes and Academic Publications of Interest

Atenas, Javiera and Havemann, Leo, eds (2015). Open Data as Open Educational Resources: Case studies of emerging practice. London: Open Knowledge, Open Education Working Group.

Atenas, Javiera, Havemann, Leo and Priego, Ernesto (2015) Open Data as Open Educational Resources: Towards Transversal Skills and Global Citizenship. Open Praxis Vol 7, No 4. Available:http://www.openpraxis.org/index.php/OpenPraxis/article/view/233

The Higher Education Academy (HEA)

Healey, M., Flint, A. and Harrington, K. (2014) Engagement through partnership: Students as partners in learning and teaching in higher education

Healey, M., Jenkins, A. and Lea J. (2014) Developing research-based curricula in college-based higher education

Healey, M., Lannin, L., Stibbe, A. and Derounian J. (2013) Developing and enhancing undergraduate final-year projects and dissertations

Jackson, S. (2015). Developing transformative pedagogies through programme design

The HEA have worked with the Times Higher Education on a magazine supplement, published 19/11/15, which provides information on both current work and future plans. It highlights opportunities for staff involved in teaching and learning to take part in a range of initiatives and events surrounding best practice during 2015-2016.

(2015) Innovative Pedagogies from National Teaching Fellows

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)

Institute of Employment Studies (IES) and University of Lancaster (2015) Understanding provision for students with mental health problems and intensive support needs.

Kings’ College London, University of Manchester and the ARC network. (2015) Causes of differences in student outcomes.

York Consulting Ltd and University of Leeds (2015) Support for higher education students with specific learning difficulties.

The IAFOR Education Research Institute

The IAFOR Education Research Institute (EDRI) is a politically independent research institute, with its headquarters in Nagoya, Japan. Its focus is on education in a changing world. It works to promote transdisciplinary debate, discussion, thinking and research on education.

The IAFOR Journal of Education is an internationally reviewed and editorially independent interdisciplinary journal associated with IAFOR’s international conferences on Education.

Also see a useful article on developing critical literary skills:

Cope, J. (2015). Empowering English language learners: The importance of developing critical literacy skills. IAFOR Journal of Education. 1. 23-27.

Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education (JLDHE)

A special edition of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education (JLDHE) is available. This is part one of a two-part special edition on the increasingly important theme of academic peer learning. Part two is now also available online, containing 5 papers and 5 case studies.

Pedagogies: An International Journal

Special Issue: Exploring challenges in designing and teaching (inter)disciplinary and (inter)cultural programs in higher education.

Sense Publishers: Free access publications

Ostrouch-Kamińska, J. and Vieira, C. Eds. (2015) Private World(s): Gender and Informal Learning of Adults

Standing Conference on University Teaching and Research in the Education of Adults

The proceedings of the 44th Annual SCUTREA Conference, held at the University of Leeds from 7-9th July 2015 are available. Please note: in the Contents section of the proceedings, the active links to each paper work when you download and save the proceedings, rather than viewing them through Google Docs.

The SCUTREA Conference paper is also available online: 'Adult and Higher Education in the Early Work of R.H. Tawney', by John Holford, University of Nottingham

Studies in Higher Education

Free access is available to the Studies in Higher Education's Virtual Special Issue SeriesIssue 1 is focusing on Equity and Diversity Studies in Higher Education. Equity and diversity have been topics of enduring interest to scholars contributing to Studies in Higher Education over the past 50 years. In this Virtual Special Issue diversity has been approached in relation to different structures of inequality including socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity, disability, age and sexual orientation.