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Birkbeck Excellence in Teaching Award


The Birkbeck Excellence in Teaching Award (BETA) is open to all Birkbeck staff engaged in teaching and supporting the learning of students within the College. The Scheme’s main aim is to support and encourage excellence in teaching and learning by providing formal recognition of pedagogic achievement. BETA is an integral part of the College’s Learning and Teaching Strategy. This year there are two awards, each attracting £1,500, and all staff are welcome to apply.

Benefits of participating in the scheme

BETA offers staff the opportunity to gain formal recognition for the development of excellent practice related to teaching, learning or assessment. Application for a BETA award can also provide a good preparation for applications to the Higher Education Academy's annual National Teaching Fellowship Scheme.

In addition, achievement of the Award is a valuable addition to a CV when applying for promotion.

Applying for a Birkbeck Excellence in Teaching Award

The application should be no longer than 1000 words. It will include the following information:

1) an account, with specific examples, of why your teaching, learning and assessment work is innovative;

2) an account, with specific examples, of how you inspire and lead colleagues in terms of teaching, learning and assessment;

3) an account of how your own professional learning informs your practice in teaching, learning and assessment.

4) a signed commitment to provide a recorded seminar on the innovative practice described in this application.

The Awards Panel

The Awards Panel will meet soon after the deadline for applications, and the outcome of the meeting will be notified to all applicants as promptly as possible. Membership of the panel is as follows:

Pro-Vice Master for Education

Deputy Pro-Vice Master for Education

An Assistant Dean for Learning and Teaching

A Birkbeck National Teaching Fellow who is not already represented on the panel.

The deadline for submission for 2017-2018 will be announced in due course.

A condition of the award is that winners will offer a teaching and learning seminar as part of the Centre's seminar programme. The seminar will be recorded via Panopto and a link to it established on the Centre's website. In addition, BETA winners will be required to submit a report on their project that can be published on the website. This report can take the form of the application document.

(November 2017)