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Balancing Formative and Summative Assessment

    • ‘Map My Programme’ is an ongoing project (based in the Educational Development Unit at the University of Greenwich) developing a way to map programme level assessment via an online tool. The tool is designed to avoid bunching of assessments across different modules and to ‘map’ feedback from both formative & summative assessment. Could also be used to map assessment of generic skills that need a long time to develop such as critical thinking. It looks like it is still being evaluated:

    Selected literature:

    Crisp, G. (2012) Integrative assessment: reframing assessment practice for current and future learning. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education. 37(1): 33-43. (ejournal)

    Abstract (part): This paper proposes that a clearer distinction be made between assessment tasks designed to facilitate and test current learning through the use of formative and summative assessments, and those tasks primarily designed to enhance future learning, which could be better termed integrative assessments.

    Taras, M. (2008) Issues of power and equity in two models of self-assessment. Teaching in Higher Education. 13(1):81-92. (ejournal)

    Abstract (part): The two models of self-assessment examined in this paper serve different functions and provide different skills and points of focus for both learners and tutors. The standard model focuses students on their own resources and knowledge in an essentially formative assessment context. Taras’ model focuses on students’ understanding, using the tutor’s assessment skills in both a formative and summative assessment context, with the summative context taking priority.