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Case Studies of Innovative Assessment at Birkbeck

School of Business, Economics and Informatics

Dr Wendy Hein – Management

  • Blogging
  • Formative assessment
  • Group work
  • Social media

School of Law

Dr Sarah Lamble – Law

  • Allowing students to choose between traditional essays and alternative assessments
  • Peer formative assessment
  • Use of a summative "skills workbook" to develop academic skills

School of Science

Psychological Sciences

  • Peer assessment
  • Turnitin for formative assessment

Dr Richard Rayne – Biological Sciences

  • Clickers and online quizzes
  • Peer formative assessment
  • Small and frequent formative assessments
  • Ways of supporting and encouraging self-assessment

Dr Vincent Tong – Earth and Planetary Sciences

  • Asynchronous electronic surveys
  • Feedback database
  • Making feedback a tool for teaching

School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy

Dr Edwin Bacon - Politics

  • Contributing to a public blog
  • Peer assessment
  • Portfolio
  • Social media

Dr Benjamin Worthy - Politics

  • Students conduct original research using social media