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Nicholas Cesaroni

LLB (4 year)

Nicholas Cesaroni sometimes found himself feeling lost in conversations with colleagues and friends and realised that, having left school at 15, he was limited in what he could do professionally. He says: 'I was acutely aware of my lack of knowledge and education. In my career I’ve had to deal with people from all sorts of backgrounds and it was while talking to lawyers that I realised that was where I wanted to be.'

'I knew about Birkbeck from the tube and bus advertising and when I came along to an open evening I just knew that it was the right place for me.'

'I hadn’t had any formal education since the age of 15 and so coming to my first lecture was massively daunting. However, you soon realise that everybody in the group is in a similar situation and that helps to calm the nerves a bit.'

'Meeting new people on the course was a real eye-opener for me. It’s amazing how people live in their own little worlds until something like coming to Birkbeck enables them to develop relationships with new people and step out of their limited experiences and learn about something much bigger.'

'Although if I’d had no choice I could have studied during the day, the evening study was a big attraction. It felt great to be doing something less mundane that just getting up and going to work as I had been doing for the last 30 years! It was challenging to fit study around work and family to start with but the tutors at Birkbeck give you a lot of support and encouragement. Once I got used to fitting study in to my life I found it became the thing that held everything else together – it definitely gave me more purpose.'

'It’s hard to put my finger on how exactly Birkbeck has changed me but I can definitely say that it’s given me more confidence and made me much more effective at communicating  - whoever it is standing in front of me.'

'I’m now studying for a Master’s in Law and also working with a small law firm which I believe is going to grow in the coming years and be hugely successful, so Birkbeck has opened up exciting opportunities for me.'

'My family all think that starting university was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’m always recommending Birkbeck to other people and I know quite a few people who’ve been inspired by the change that they’ve seen in me since I started my studies and have taken up part-time studies themselves. I’m so glad that I came to Birkbeck and I hope that at some stage I’ll be able to give back to the College in some way too.'

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'When I came along to an open evening I just knew that it was the right place for me.'